Another outfit option taken from my recent Festivals in the Sun lookbook. I think all women look great in a white shirt – somehow you can look strong yet soft at the same time. Sophistcated yet breezy. It’s one of those classic timeless pieces that you can make work for any occasion. If you are going to Coachella you don’t have to worry about mud so white isn’t a dangerous selection…and it would look even better against your newly bronzed skin. It may be so hot that you are wearing your bikini top or crop of some sort, but this will still work to cover up your shoulders when they start to burn or wrap round the waist. Teaming with another classic, the denim cutoff, continues this clean and simple look. If you crave colour in your ensembles then accessories is the way to do this…sunglasses, a cap, funky shoes…or in my case a bumbag. Before you argue that bumbags are for losers…first up, they’re awesome ok! Secondly they are so handy and safe for your belongings at festivals. 

Missguided Shirt

Topshop Jean Shorts

Gringas Bumbag

Topshop Bikini 

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