REVIEW: NO 7 Special Edition Mine Eye Pallette

First of all…as you all know I am absolutely obsessed with Rose Gold…anything featuring the hue will find its way on my wish list or in basket. So far I have loafers (PRIMARK), a watch (ASOS) , Nail Polish (MODELS OWN) and a vintage clutch bag. Sadly I missed out on that amazing rose gold metallic skirt….perhaps that would have been overkill. Actually, who am I kidding, that would have been the bomb! ( I am fully aware I am too old to pull off saying that)

So back to this beautiful No. 7 eye pallete. So as you can see from these images the packaging and overall appearance is beautiful – a lovely addition to your beauty drawer, make up bag or vanity area. 

I tend to veer towards natural tones as my face is one that tends to turn a bit mascualine/draggy when I wear heavy duty eye make up. Eye liner is no problem, I can apply that as thick as I like….which tends to be VERY thick. However when I apply a vibrant, saturated or dense colour to my lids I instantly age about 30 years and look like I may be about to take to the stage in a inch Vegas show. 

Now a nude type pallets go this is particularly subtle, in fact some of the lighters shades just offer a shimmer rather than any distinct colour. These ones are perfect for highlighting the brow bone or using in the corner of the eye to create the illusion of bright young large eyes. 

The light tope colours are good for creating subtle shading or depth in the creases so you look made up without it being a dramatic effect. The darkest colours create a very light smokey effect, ideal for those who don’t feel the occasion appropriate to adopt the classic and high glamour smokey eye look. 

I believe this set of shades will be a even more effective when I have attained a bit of a summer glow – please be soon!! On skin as pale as my winter shade this is incredibly subtle but set against a sun drenched or olive skin the effect will be utterly stunning. 

At an extremely reasonable £11 I would thoroughly recommend a purchase. It is a great item to transition from season to season, but it also offers a lot of options for those looking for wearable day to evening shades. 

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