When people tell me I NEED to check out a band or a song, my instinct is to immediately ignore or go in with the attitude that I don’t want to like it….It is completely different when it comes to beauty. When I see post after post of beauty bloggers/celebrities singing the praises of a product I want to get my mitts on it to try for myself…in the hope of similarly fantastic results. 

The Younique 3D Lash mascara is one of these aforementioned products. My feeds have been aplenty with results images relating to this ‘miracle’ mascara. I am a pessimist by nature so I always tend to veer towards the following statements….

‘Ah, they probably photoshopped it”

‘She’s probably wearing eyelash extensions” 

‘I bet they’ve been paid to say nice things’

‘I bet it’s too difficult for normal people to master’


When I was approached to to try it out I was eager to give it a whirl, despite how jaded and cynical I am. 

I am lazy when it comes to grooming and beautifying – because of my CFS diagnosis I tend to do the minimum or things that take little effort when it comes to products. That said, when it comes to make up, mascara is ‘the one’ for me. From trial and error I have learned that eye shadow tends to make me look a bit haggard and mannish, and that lipstick just ends up on my teeth, and that false lashes will always half ping off and cause temporary blindness. Mascara has always come through for me, and helps me go from elderly zombie to almost human female being. For me its longer and thicker the better. If lashes are the thing I am going to rely on, in terms of its abilities to improve on nature, I want to go full on dramatic. 

I had delved into the past carnations of the 2 part mascara, using a Bourjous example which required you to coat the lashes with a white thick substance before applying the black mascara formula. The results were effective enough but were slightly clumpy and solid. I soon tired of the more lengthy process. I was interested to see what the 2015 version of this concept would be like in reality….with a relative novice in control of the wands. 

First of all, lets talk about the packaging. The embossed leather case (much like a sunglasses case) with the silver logo on top, certainly gave the product that special luxury feel. Opening up you see the two separate parst of the program resting on black velvet. They are silky smooth to the touch and made up of matt and shiny black material. I only mention these details because I know on YouTube video’s about unboxing new items are huge at the moment! 

So, you get a Moonstruck Transplating Gel, which is essentially a pretty lightweight mascara that will be used as a glue that the fibers will stick to. 

There is also the Moonstruck Natural Fibers which are the little hairs that will stick to your existing lashes (and gel) and create extra length and thickness. 


So I’d recommend doing one eye at a time as the gel tends to dry quite quickly and you want to get the fibres on there when its still wet. 

Curl your lashes. Put a layer of the gel formula on first, in the exact same way you apply mascara. Promptly add the fibres. When you feel you have added enough quickly go back to the gel and repeat the process…..if you feel its looking clumpy comb through with an old mascara brush – helps to keep those lashes defined. 

Depending on how dramatic you want the lashes, repeat the process as many times as you’d like but keep in mind that the gel will harden and become less malleable. 

Because the lashes have been weighted down with the fibres I then curled again.

You will probably find that the pesky fibres have found their  way on to your eye bags and cheeks so brush off with a clean make up brush. 


In terms of its ability to lengthen my lashes I think the images speak for themselves…In fact that day I had so many comments about how long they looked. 

As I said before I am quite lazy and generally go for speed when it comes to my beauty routine, so I’m not sure I will use this product for my day look. However when it comes to nights out I will definitely turn to this product to amp up the glam factor. 

It may take some of you a few attempts to work out how to avoid the dreaded scary spider lashes. If you aren’t careful your eyelashes can get clumpy or the odd lash that can veer off in the wrong direction. Learning how to tame as you lengthen is key. 

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