Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you


I have been a miserable git of late. It may be because deep down I am just a cyncial, bitter, tired old wench….quite possible. I like to think it is down to our abysmal weather and that lack of sun in my life. It is no myth that sunlight (vitamin D) aids our health and mood….my doctors have even told me on regular occasions it would do me the world of good and make my various conditions less life damaging. All these facts don’t do anything to eradicate my longstanding relationships with the feeling of Wanderlust. I have always been spoiled in the fact that I have had a summer holiday most years of my life, which I am very grateful for….but I will admit I have become accustomed to it…and just presumed it would be something to continue. However, the last couple of years there has been a severe absense in my previous tradition of jetting off for two weeks and soak up the rays and culture of a far off land. Perhaps it serves me right for being so lucky for so many years to have the opportunity and finances to go abroad….Anyway, what I am getting at, is that I am truly desperate to get away, so much so that I have found myself getting mightily peed off with the UK and the grey weather that seems to a large part of being an inhabitant of this island.

When you are forking out the little amount of dispoable money on attending weddings, baby showers, hen do’s etc….there is little money, nor holiday time left to arrange a trip to tick all your boxes…in my case…. good food, warm sea, sun, lovely scenery….and that feeling of escape. 

So before I get into rant territory about the financial perils of being a young adult, let me get back to the point of this post. 

This morning we got to experience something we haven’t had the joy of expeiencing for a long time. We woke to sun streaking through the curtains….and on Easter Monday, a day in which we could utilise this surprsing event. 

So rather than fester to mid day eating my leftover chocolate eggs and Fondant Fancies, I got myself up and dressed. I didn’t shower because that would have been a bit too much effort – thank god for beanies eh!

I grabbed my camera and headed to Virginia Water, my favourite local walking spot. It is always a haven for doggies, with it’s varied terrain and the lake for cooling off, swimming and the opportunity to get disgustingly mucky but happy. Today it felt like I’d found myself trespassing on some sort of doggy alternative universe….the place was overun with wobbly jowels, drooling tongues, soggy fur and sniffing noses. As as dog lover I was in heaven….and of course made every effort to make friends with as many as possible. You will see just a couple of the good boys below…

Anyhoo all I want to say is that I highly reccommend you get out in the sun in the rare occassions it appears, it does the world of good. I did a relatively short 4 mile loop of the lake, but I feel infintely lightened in the mood stakes. I have also rekindled my love of where I live…Ok so LA, Thailand, Santorini are still calling me….but they are bit more faint on the line, the beauty of the UK is causing some interference. 

Taking your camera with you also makes you look…no, actually, it is more than simply looking, its appreciating, admiring, studying. I guarantee it will make you fall in love with your surrounding and things won’t seem so bad for a while.

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