I don’t think of myself as having an addictive personality, but I do reach level of excess when it comes to chocolate. I blame my ma….

When I was at school it got a bit out of control. My chocolate binges became one of the things I was known for amongst my classmates. I was always lurking round the vending machine come break time and would daily treat myself to a biscuit and raison Yorkie, mint munchies….and anything else that tickled my fancy that day. That wasn’t then end of it though….at the train station I’d treat myself to a post school chocolate fix in the form of Maltesers and/or a Dime Bar. I had worked hard…I deserved it no? 

Ugh….I’ve just remembered I was also starting my day with a hefty layer of Nutella on my breakfast toast too. 

Till this day, over 15 years on, the station shop owner shouts at me..’No Maltesers today??’ on front of the other commuters. He just won’t let me forget about my addictive past!

Okay, so I am still partial to the delicious brown stuff…but I like to think I have a handle on it. That said, my parents hide the maltesers from me and I have to ask them to get them for me if I want them. They won’t tell me where they are hidden, it’s ridiculous. It’s not like I don’t have any will power…..

Eating chocolate makes me happy. That much is clear. I am not saying it delivers long term happiness but it definitely perks me up when I am having a lull or dip in mood. I don’t intend to stop giving myself that temporary high any time soon.

I have been forced to eat food I dislike, and in turn giving up the foods I adore, due to doctors putting me on various diets to work out what the hell is wrong with me. At times it has been miserable, made my weight drop way below 7 stone, and has meant that I’ve dreaded meal time. 

That part of my life is over, so I intend to embrace food, meal times and the particular ingredients I love….which of course include chocolate!

I think it is wonderful how many of my friends and fellow bloggers are on a health kick at the moment – joining the gym and working on improving what they put in their bodies. However I do feel sad when I see them giving themselves such a hard time when they give in to their temptations or skip a day at the gym. I believe everything is about balance and if you want to treat yourself to a choccy bar or slice of cake once in a while….do it!

You have friends that you go shopping with, friends that you go partying with, ones that you turn to for advice or a shoulder to cry on. My mate Farah is my dessert buddy. We meet up to indulge and have a natter over something creamy, chocolatey…and just generally naughty. It’s fabulous. She’s fab at offering advice and positivity too, but I can also rely on her to seek out some of the best pudding destinations in our capital.

After the Marios Schwab event last night Farah and I walked no longer than five minutes, via Carnaby Street, to reach the chocolate mecca that is Said Dal 1923.

It has a very charming european feel about it…you could quite easily be in Paris. There were other girlie duos as well as some very loved up couples enjoying the space, which is decorated with all manner of chocolate making apparatus.

It took Farah and I an almost embarrassing amount of time to decide what two items we’d have from the vast array of option. You notice that we HAD to limit ourselves to two, or we would be in major trouble!

I opted for a heated up slice of the Dolce Ricco pictured above, accompanied by a salted caramel milkshake! Fine choices, I’m sure you’ll agree!!

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