Blissed Out Bath Time

I’ve been having baths every day the last week. This fact should tell you two things. 1. I am in dire need of relaxation. 2. I clearly don’t pay for the water bill. 

Baths have become my favourite past time of late, which is so funny when I consider how opposed I was to them when I was growing up. Particularly during a transition age when bathing was an extremely important activity to be partaking in!

I don’t know why I hated the thought of it such much – I think it just seemed like a hassle at the time, and I’d have rather been playing Final Fantasy 7 on my Playstation, watching My So Called Life, or being generally morose. Actually I think it was more about the fact that I was being told I should have a bath….and at that age the naturally impulse is to do the opposite.

These day the prospect of getting into a steaming hot bath is actually what gets me through a day. I think I have got it down to a fine art. That said, everything can be improved and I am always giving new products a go to see if they make the cut and make there way into my relaxation station. 

I had one of those horrendous weeks a little while ago – one that made me wonder what the hell I was doing with my life – you know the kind! One of my lovely friends gave me a gift of a candle. Just the fact that my distress had been noted and someone had been thoughtful enough to do something to try and remedy it was enough to make me feel more relaxed and happy. On top of that lovely gesture the candle in question has wonderful relaxing benefits…so has accompanied me in the bathroom this last week.


I know it is all the rage to use Lush products at the moment, people seem to want to colour and theatrics. I only have one bath bomb in my possession and because it is a romantically themed one I have been saving it….for weeks. I’m hoping when my boyfriend is finally home from tour we might find the opportunity to use it. 

For relaxation I don’t need a massive production, I just need a soothing scent and ingredients which may ease my tired body. 

Neals Yard products have earned respect in the industry for their abilities to soothe so I am more than happy to use this lovely oil till the boy returns home. 

‘Damask Rose lends its gorgeous scent to this exotic skin nurturing blend of pomegranate and marula oils.’ 

 You don’t get the bubbles with this oil unfortunatly, but it does give off a lovely floral aroma and I like to belive the label when it says it ‘imparts a sense of well being’. 

You may have noticed the presence of a laptop in the bathroom. I know it may not been intirely wise if we are considering health and safety but it definitely makes my bath experience far pleasureable. On this occasion I was watchig MIC – if its a morning bath I’m generally watching Frasier, the rest of the time it will be old episodes of Ally McBeal. I also like to have some chocolate at close hand…yes it does melt, so it’s a good excuse to wolf them down!

I love a multi purpose item, if something can offer you mulitple things you feel a little less guilty about spending your money on it. I originally had this product for a post about festival packing – minimising clutter, maximising usefulness. Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps excel themselves in the multi – purpose stakes, their packaging even describes them as an 18 in 1 product! 

The one above consists of Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil , Jojoba Oil, Organic Hemp Oil, Lavender Extract (and a new other lovely things) and can be used on the face, or the scalp, as a massage oil or body rub.

It is meant to be good for body, mind and spirit and will leave you feeling the cleanest you’ve ever felt!

P.S This product is also Vegetarian !


I am a bit skeptical about so called wonder products. When you have worked as a PR/Journalist you almost know a bit too much about branding/marketing and how the system works that you begin to question everything. I now willonly believe things if I see them for myself…in the flesh. When I went to to Brent Cross Spring Beauty Fix event I managed to get some nice miniatures of some of these so called ‘ miracle’ products.  I was really excited to try Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish as I have always battled problematic skin, and the hunt for that product that will change things has stretched over 15 years now.

The beauty bloggers/journos were right. This product is the business. When I had my consultation at Kiehls the guy told me that he thought the facial scrubs I had been using were a bit too much for my skin, and that a gentler approach would be beneficial. This cleanse and polish system with its muslin cloth fits the criteria he deemed ideal for my particular skin type/issues. It would take away all the dirt, city grime and make up, but would be more understanding of the fragile nature of my sensitive skin. 

I saw a change after just one day…and this continued until I finished the sampler. I usually move on to the next sample when I’ve finished, but with this product I have already ordered its replacement. I can’t wait to carry on using it and seeing further positive results!

This Superdrug Vitamin E scrub was given to me by the brand when they wanted to show affordable alternatives to existing products we were using. I had at the time been using an extremely luxurious scrub from a French brand (the name escapes me) – it was gifted and would have been way out of my budget if I were to ever consider a purchase. It was rather wonderful though….

So this does the job….it doesn’t revitalise my body in the same way the other did, but it smells nice and slews away my dead skin and leaves me feeling a lot slinkier. Visually it puts me off slightly though…it looks a bit too much like badly made porridge…and I HATE porridge.

I have to admit to being swayed by gimmics from time to time. The fact that this shower wash comes in the form of a foam makes it ultra appealing and fun to us. Combine its medium with the fact it smells so divienly fruity, plus the fact it is from Superdrug and extremely affordable….well it is a lovely addition to my bath time fun. It can also double up as shaving foam,

It is a miracle I haven’t eaten this….I imagine it would be incredible on my salted caramel hot chocolate….pretty sure it would land me in hospital. I wonder if it would be worth it? I digress…

So as soon as I saw this product advertised I knew it was made for me…not literally, but it seemed designed to suit my particular ways and preferences. It’s not greasy for one, which is a huge plus for me. I have often been put off from moisturising my body because I hate that my clothes or bed sheets end up getting damp and damaged, and I am too lazy to wait for it to sink into my skin.

As I sat repeatedly tell you on this blog, I am fairly low effort when it comes to my groomy, so if I am going to add a product to my very small regime it has to be very quick and easy. 

I love that you spray this on, quickly rub it in and then are good to go…or good to go to sleep. 

I also enjoy smelling good enough to eat.

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