Usually I don’t manage to make it down to the showroom for their press day, for some reason timings never work out…but horrahhh, yesterday I finally managed to meet the team and see their amazing array of brands. You have to cover all manners of press events, and many don’t really tap into your passion or interests, so it is such a treat when you get to attend ones featuring some of your favourite brands.

I am have long been obsessed with CAT boots, unfortunately I have always had to settle for fake Primark versions, which I am sure won’t have the same longevity. They are such a classic style and can give any outfit a bit of edge – I love seeing a girl in a delicate dress teamed with a hefty boot. 

 If you are looking for outer and activity wear this PR agency has a number of suitable brands – they have some particuarly nice puffas and parkas for A/W.

Aside from the obvious, that they are aesthetically pleasing with their array of colours and prints – they also have a 2 metre cable…which is ideally for those moment when your on charge and someone calls your phone!

They have done various collaborations including MTV and Thirty Seconds to Mars


I am obsessed with the black CATS with the flatform….come to mama!

Quicksilver certainly takes me back to my youth…when all I wanted was a hot surfer boy with sun bleached straggly hair and a six pack. They are harking back to the nineties and running with RAD as their statement for this season….quite right!

I am pretty sure these are ones of those trends then girls love but boys hate – they aren’t exactly sexy. However they are darn comfortable, waterproof and make us feel like carefree little girls again! I ahve fond memories of rockpooling in my original ones.

I’ve never really given my socks much thought to be honest, mainly because I can’t seem to keep to maintain a pair for more than a day or two. I pretend it is a life choice that I wear odd socks. Maybe if I had socks this fly I would more inclined to take note of their whereabouts?!
If you haven’t heard about Stance before make sure you check out their social media – they’re pretty cool! What the current word for cool?

Quay Sunglasses have been on my radar for a while due to many of the big fashion bloggers sporting them in their festival/holiday instagram outfit posts. They’ve also be worn by a lot of our fave celeb fashionistas like Gwen Stefani and Vanessa Hudgens…and they rarely get it wrong. I am particularly partial to coloured mirror sunnies at the mo so I am definitely eying up those ones!

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