I know it was only yesterday I was blasting you with my love of wearing bright nails during the summer months, but today is a different day. In the same way my mood contributes to the way I dress, the way I’m feeling and what I’m doing has an influence on the colour I choose to paint my nails. 

I was feeling very….well, my age today. I wasn’t feeling particularly spunky or peppy, and was dealing with some rather stressful adult decisions. I also have a pretty bad breakout on my face, so my mood and confidence was generally a bit muted. Of course you can try and counteract and rebel against your current state of mind by opting for a bright colour when your feeling like you want to hide, but today I opted for going with the state I found myself in. Weirdly the shade I picked out was named ‘Eternal Optimist’….weird. So I removed my blindingly bright yellow shade and replaced with the aforementioned blush colour, which came as part of an Essie bridal duo. It felt just right.

But without thinking too deeply about the thought process behind it, or the reasons towards the natural instinct that lead to me choosing this colour… is a simply a very pretty, feminine, all rounder. 

In the same way that nude shoes elongate the leg, a nude or blush tone can make your fingers look more elegant. It also has the benefit of going with anything and everything! 


Having tried numerous brands over the years I think I can say with some confidence that Essie is one of my favourites. Not only do they create some beautiful colours, the formula is lovely to apply, leaving a lovely smooth finish, and it seems to stay in tact longer than many others. I find that nails decorated by Essie colours have garnered more attention than any others brands I’ve painted on.

I used to look at colours like this as a bit dull and unimaginitive (a complete mum choice), but now as I full blown human realise that they are ultra flattering and find myself frequently splaying my fingers out and admiring the colour.  Is this just an open letter admitting that I am finally old??

I think blush nails look particularly lovely teamed with outfits in nude tones, creams, whites, duck egg and other neautrals. But as I said earlier, I think you can team it with anything. It’s a great colour to have in your collection for things like weddings and christenings, but also when you want to look groomed but not to out-there….think interviews, work meetings…or a court date for instance.

 And yes….I know my cuticles need doing!

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