I become a Brond….with my make up!

I don’t usually do make up tutorials, the reason being that I do the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY!
However, yesterday I veered away from my make up equivalent of a safety blanket and tried some products that were actually a bit scary and off my usual rather boring track.

I was off to a swanky fashion launch type thing in London. It wasn’t super dressy because a lot of people would be coming straight from the office, but it would require a tad more effort than my usual day.

I’m suffering from some sun spots on my chest so struggled to find anything that would be suitable for the occasion but also keep that all tucked away. In the end I settled for a dress I have only worn in the decade I’ve owned it. I don’t know why I don’t really like it, but after the usual mirror inspections I always tend to change into something else.

I thought I’d resist the urges and just stick with it and see how I got on. So in the spirit of trying new things I though’t I’d change up my make -up….I’d step away from my usual tones and dare to try and a darker lip…..

 So here’s what I used…

 I am a huge advocate for serums. Moisturisors have generally always been too rich for me, clogging up my pores and encouraging breakouts. Serum on the other hand creates a fabulous base, refreshes  and actually improves the overall state of my skin. I am particial fond of this one as I suffer from huge gaping pores, which make me look older than I am. This helps to minimise the appearance and smooth out the texture a bit.


I think you can tell from the condition of the bottle that this product gets a lot of use. It comes with me everywhere I go. It has been a revelation in terms of it’s coverage and for that fact it doesn’t worsen my skin issues like many foundations.  In fact I am pretty sure my skin benefits from me wearing it daily.

As much as I adore the previous foundation, it is rather matt and dense, so my skin does look a tad lifeless at times. Due to the fact I have a bit of summer colour on my face it isn’t quite the right match anymore. To get the colour close to my current slightly bronzed tone and to instill a bit of zest into my face I have been mixing it with the Radient boost foundation from No7. This makes me look a bit fresher and dewy.

I am yet to find a solution for my bags, They aren’t actually that dark, bu they are bulgy and and puffy. I always apply my Rimmel Wake Up concealer under the eyes, hoping that it was deflect and distract away from the laden bags.

I don’t find liquid concealers do the job when it comes to coverign spots though. It tends to move about too much or sweat off. I always opt for a stick concealer – the formula tends to be thicker and more stubborn and stay on the problem zone for longer.

I got this Giorgio Armani Hollywood Grenat in a goodie bag a while bag. I kind of dismissed it….although I loved the fact that I had a high lippy in my possession, it wasn’t a colour I imagined I’d ever choose to wear. I tend to opt for corals and pretty pinks as a rule…I am terribly stuck in my ways. For some reason, perhaps it was the bronze glittery dress, or perhaps I was feeling out of sorts,  I decided to give it a whirl. 

It is a lovely formula, instantly moisturising my lips which tend to be on the dry side. It didn’t have the best staying power, but I was pleasantly surprised that the colour didn’t make me look ill.


On my lids I put on some L’oreal Color Riche in Nude, which is actually more gold, unless my aged eyes have finally lost the plot! It’s a very subtle shimmer, but just brings your lids to life a bit.


I must have been out of sorts, because I also abandoned my faithful black eyeliner, which hasn’t happened for about 15 years….at least. Why not purple? I thought. I purchased this item by accident from TK MAXX. I had thought I was buying a black gel liner (of course) but got home to find I had purchased a trio of jewel coloured liners. In hindsight, a wonderful accident. It is a very soft formula, which I applywith the brush it came with. It is fairly easy to use but isn’t that bold a colour – but compliments a poo brown eye quite nicely. 

Topped off my eye look with my favourite Lancome Drama mascara, well the dregs of it at least. Im in dire need of purchasing a new one.

Another amazing TK MAXX purchase with a massive discount. I love this trio, it’s one of my favourite recent beauty products. The blushes are so feminine and pretty to apply to the apples of your cheeks. The lighter shade in the middle also adds a lovely highlight. There’s something just visually appealing about sets like this. 

For this look I admit that a brown contour or shade would be more suitable, but sadly all I own have glittery aspects to them. This is fine if you have smooth unblemished skin, but mine was far from this yesterday. I am having a proper flare up at the moment, so my skin is currently a right  bumpy terrain . I always find that glitter tends to draw attention to the bumps, so opted to use my powder blushes to at least diminish their appearance.

All pictures taken with my LUMIX GM1

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