Lets be honest. When you notice a severe lack of present on Christmas day or your birthday, you are secretly hoping that when you open the cards there will be some useful dosh or a well chosen gift card. I remember when I was a kid I would have been quite content with a WHSMITHS voucher so I could spend it on a cassette, one of those new fangled CD things or one of those incredible pen sets. Was anyone else obsessed with stationary when they were younge….?

Then you turned 13 and you thought you were so grown up, and wanted to shop in all the cool teenager shops ( for me Natterjacks, Topshop, Route One). 

Unfortunately most of your family still saw you as a kid and carried on giving you the gift vouchers they had always thought age appropriate. Of course, unless you were going through that hormonal bratty stage, you’d smile politely, or send a thank you note saying how useful it’d be.

I only wish the app Zeek had been around back then….I’m not sure people even had mobile phones at the time I’m harking back to.

Recently the people at Zeek got in touch to see if I’d like to try their genious app.

So what does it do….

Zeek is the number one market place for gift vouchers. Whether you’re buying, selling or simply swapping, it means your valuable vouchers do not go to waste, and over 30% of vouchers are apparently wasted worldwide each year, which equates to over £65 billion being effectively thrown in the bin. If your voucher is about to run out, you’d like to save some money or you’d simply rather have the cash to spend on something else – Zeek is the app for you.

It also makes it easy to earn cash on the vouchers/cards you don’t want  – using your smartphone, simply take a picture of your unwanted gift card or voucher and upload it directly to the platform. Fill in some additional details and set your selling price. Once sold, you will receive the cash directly into your chosen bank or PayPal account. It couldn’t be simpler.

Alternatively, if you were looking to buy something special in Reiss but were indecisive about the price, you could log onto Zeek and purchase a voucher worth £150 for only £110, making a saving of £40.

As many vouchers are user generated each week, there is a huge range of
retailers, discounts and values available. Our smart search engine
enables you to find the right deal for you. If you want to make your
money go further, or don’t want to pay full price for anything ever
again, then Zeek is for you. Who isn’t looking to save money right now!

 After lots of umming and arring I opted for a TOPSHOP voucher. I spent £47 to obtain a voucher worth £53….not bad huh! I thought Topshop would be the safest option, seeing as I’m in London all the time at the moment and can spare some time in their huge Oxford Street store. 

I ended up spending a bit too much time in there….I don’t know why but when I am given a voucher of a specific amount it makes me overthink how I shop. I spent longer than I like to admit going up and down their esaclators and in and out of the changing rooms. I was a sweaty shiny mess by the end. And annoyingly I came away with nothing. I kept thinking….Could I get that for much cheaper in Primark? Can get I something more exciting/blogworthy for me money? And so on….

When I got home I did some further online investigations and then noticed that I could spend my voucher in any Arcadia store…including Miss Selfridge. I remembered seeing a classic denim shirt dress in a magazine that I loved, I think it was Grazia, and searched straight away to see if that was still in store….it was so I added that to my basket. I still had £10 remaining, so popped in a rather dull, but ultimately useful ribbed crop top. I felt satisfied and rather chuffed with my final choices.

You can see my new purchase teamed with my fave Zara booties. Excuse the squinty eyes, the hale had started a-coming.

 Download here –

use the code 2jvnn1 

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