I bought this colour a few weeks back whilst splurging at the Spring Beauty Fix event at Brent Cross that I was invited to attend. I bought it with holiday’s in mind, knowing that it probably wouldn’t compliment my skin in its current rather sickly hue. This particular yellow, named Bikini, is part of the brand’s Sticky Nail Polsu for Tans range which has been formulated to enhance and compliment a
natural tan. 

If I am lucky enough to afford a holiday in an exotic and sunny location I tend to go quite dark…yes, I know it’s not good for me (or anyone), but I can’t help but feel a bit better when a bit more toffee coloured. I tend to look a bit better in summer in general because a lot of my ailments respond well to Vitamin D. I think it is reflected in the frequency of smiles on my face….

This colour is thin and translucent after one coat, which is not very attractibve – it basically looks like a fungal nail infection if I am brutally honest. It is tranformed by the second coat when the colour becomes opaque and bold.


I was multi tasking while applying this varnish, simultaneously cooking dinner while giving my hands this summery boost. Okay, so cooking isn’t an accurate description, I was in fact popping air holes into a micorwave Chicken Tikka Masala and then nuc-ing it for 10 minutes. Details…

This is not the varnish to use if you want quick drying time….If you have applied a second coat, which is entirely necessary, it will take over ten minutes for it to completely dry. I obtained some frustrating scuffs when it came to serving my gourmet dinner.


In terms of the colour it’s not quite that acidic, green tinged yellow that you get from a pure neon varnish, it is very slightly warmer. That said it is still very much a statement colour and very draws the eye to the hand – so not one for the wilting wallflowers out there.

As intended it looks great teamed with holiday colourways, but I reckon it would add a nice punch of colour to a monochrome look too. 


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