Another outfit from my recent Maxi Lookbook. As you know, I have to take my blog pictures and videos myself as I have no one nearby to help – hence why they are quite often unimaginitve or awkward pose-wise. I had an afternoon to myself in the house last monday, so moved the sofa and table in the lounge so I had a white background to stand against. There is so much clutter in my house there is no suitable wall for blogging on a usual day. I usually feel very self conscious posing when people are home, I’m always worried they are going to walk past when I’m attempting some sort of sultry pose.
I felt a bit freeer on this occasion, to experiment a bit. I wanted to use this opportunity to experiement with my LUMIXGM1 a bit more too, playing with the shutter speed and so on…so thought this Religion dress would be the ideal option to create some interesting shots. Who needs a wind machine when you have layers of wafty fabric!

I’ve included some successful and some less successful unedited shots just to show you some of the results….. I do love some of the shapes the fabric creates in some of them .

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