I hate to be the bearer of bad news…..please don’t
shoot the messenger! I don’t want this site to be a destination for
bitchiness or slagging things or people off….but I do want it to be a
place on honesty. So with that in mind I will review my Models Own Rose
Gold Nail Polish. Wow that intro was a bit dramatic, it’s not
bad….it’s just not as good as I hoped
, or at least as good as the press images had made me believe.

I don’t think of myself as someone who has an addictive personality….unless you consider my history of cruel men, or my need to have Maltesers nearby at all times. That said, in recent years I’ve discovered I have a compulsion and attraction to anything sporting rose gold. Whether it is completely covered in the colour, or just features detailing like zips or lining with this warm metallic shade, I feel like I just need to have it. Half the stuff I’ve bought I don’t even wear, I just like to have them, much like they are some beautiful artefacts in a museum….(if a museum looked like a cesspit of doom (aka my bedroom).

You can imagine how excited I was when I saw the new metallic range by Models Own. I loved how shiny the finish appeared to be too, it looked exactly like metal! When I purchases the rose gold and silver versions from Brent Cross I noticed that the packaging was also sported that extreme shine. I couldn’t wait for my nails to be similarly glamorous and mirrorlike.

Sadly the reality of the finish was a lot more muted, nearer matte to shiny in appearance. I think the fact that my nails are a bit ridged at the moment didn’t help matters. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the colour (obvisouly) but it just wasn’t the revelation I’d hoped for. I really thought it was going to be different any metallic varnish I’d tried before, when it was actually pretty much the same.

It does give good coverage after one coat, but did chip extremely easily. I think it requires a clear top coat and second layer to ensure it stays in tact. So if you are someone in a hurry who only has time to pop on one coat before they head from work to the party, this isn’t the one for you.

I love my No.7 Mini Eyeshadow Palette. It is great for those who prefer a fairly natural make up look. The cream shade is particularly could place under my eye brow to highlight the socket bone. I think the slightly bronzed colours will look great as my skin gets some colour over the next few weeks. Full review of this product can be found in another post on ze blog.

This picture demonstrates that even rose gold hues can vary. My watch has a dinstinctly more peachy tone to it, where there is a bit more cold, veering closer to pink on the colour wheel.

ASOS WATCH – I loved this watch but sadly one of my borrow my doggy pooches chewed its way through the transparent strap so it’s not quite as beautiful as it once was : (

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