This week I got some fantastic blogger mail in the shape of these wooden sunglasses from I have never been able to find a pair of sunglasses to suit me, I think my face is too long and thin for most style. However these looked okay…which from me equals a raving endorsement. 

Their shape is like the classic wayfarer, but these have a nice twist courtesy of the grained wood frame. As you will see from a lot of blog posts relating to eye-wear its all about colourful and reflective lenses, and these tick this box marvellously with their green/yellow hybrid mirror. 

The mirrored sunglasses trend is one I can defintely get on board with, it just gives any outfit a bit of a boost, and they look great in photographs. I can’t wait to them with me to Santorini in July, I reckon they’ll look even better set against the vibrant blues of the sea. 

In terms of the technical jargon –  The brand use TAC UV400 high quality polarized lens on all of their
products and are fully compliant with the international
sunglasses standard, to ensure full UV protection of your eyes. The glasses offer 100% UVA / UVB protection.

These particular lenses are also highly effective at cutting strong light,
reflective light and scattering light. This makes the scenery around you
appear soft and clear. 

You will notice instantly how light the frames are, you are unlikely to get those unsightly dents in your nose that heavier frames can leave. Made from sustainable wood, the frames are also handfinished so they are completely unique, which is a pretty cool bonus in my book!

Daintree Rose Wood


  • Hand crafted from sustainably sourced  rosewood
  • TAC UV400 Polarized lens with Anti scratch and UV protection
  • Gold Revo color lens
  • Stainless steel spring hinges
  • Each pair has its own unique grain
  • Frame measurements 47-19-143 mm
  • All Sunglasses are accompanied with a microfibre cloth and a beautiful bamboo case.

Okay at £54.99 they are way over what I’d usually pay for sunglasses, purely because I generally plonk my big fat bottom on them, lose them in the sand on holiday, or leave them in a public loo or something. But if I was going to spend more on some sunglasses I’d rather go for a smaller brand than give my well earned money to a luxury brand, one who wouldn’t know or care if I’d made a purchase or not. I love it when someone asks where I got something and in telling them I can introduce them to a new brand!

I love that the packaging is inkeeping with the brand too….the  case is a pretty nice item in it’s own right isn’t it?

There are numerous other designs on their website, so if this pair doesn’t quite tick all the boxes in terms of your eyewear needs, there will probs be one of there to make you swoon!

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