Take A Stance with your Socks…..

Apart from my fancy knee high socks with the sexy zip (well, they’re sexy when someone else wears them) and my Cheer Up Clothing samples, I’ve never really had much interest in my socks. I’ve always been quite happy to get cheap and cheerful multi packs, or steal the odd (more than odd) pair from my mum or boyfriend when I have finally lost all of my socks. I don’t know what my deal is when it comes to socks, my room/life appears to be a black hole for them. If I am lucky enough to find two socks to pull on my tootsies, they will never be matching – the best I’ll get is that they may be quite close on the colour wheel. More often than not I will think ‘sod it’ and just grab two completely different sock with the mindset of  ‘if I’m going to be odd I may as well be REALLY odd!’

The only time I have gone out of my way to search for socks on YouTube was when I was having a marathon session of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (don’t judge), and I wanted to see what Rob’s sock company was all about.

 One of the lovely gifts from the Coffin on Cake PR was these lovely socks from the company Stance. If you haven’t heard of the brand, don’t worry I hadn’t either…I am very glad to share this discovery with you all! They gifted me these rather fetching socks names ‘Apple Pie’ which can be purchased for $12 on their site. 


a storied history of rebels and pioneers with a revival of the most
classic of colors: red, white and blue. No sock style does that better
than Stance’s Apple Pie, a mix-and-don’t-match duo baked fresh just for
you. Whipped up from our signature recipe of softly spun combed cotton
fibers with just a dash of elastic arch support, the Apple Pie is built
with reinforced toe and heel boxes and an Athletic Fit for maximum
durability, so you can keep marching to your own beat. Our
heritage-tinged Americana Collection is a brave statement of free
expression made for declaring your independence and starting your own
story. Take a bite out of life with Stance’s Apple Pie.

I know, what you’re thinking….$12 for a pair of socks….that you will inevitably lose. However they are really good quality, the weave feels strong and dense, and more importantly they begin their life being odd!


I wonder whether I will be more inclined to keep a closer eye on their whereabouts because they are far cooler than the rest of the loner socks in my collection.  Fingers crossed I don’t lose they funky feet gloves.

There’s a huge amount of designs on the website for men, women and kids. They tap in to different styles, music tastes, nationality’s and interests, so there is bound to be a sock seemingly made just for you. The brand also like to collaborate with cool people from various industries and scenes, so keep an eye on the site to stay up to date on their latest artistic marriages.

 It’s incredibly hard to think of new things to buy people when it comes to birthday and Christmas – I know I find the males in my life particular hard to buy for, so I’m glad to have been introduced to this gem of a brand.

Be sure to check out their instagram – it’s so full of colour, activity and people being generally cool you’ll just want to be part of the Stance gang. 


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