Dinner at Amsterdam’s Marriot Midtown Grill

My flight was a tad delayed,  so I arrived slightly late (and a tad sweaty) in Amsterdam. So after checking in my room, and getting embarrassingly confused about time conversion, I made it down to  meet the hosts and fellow bloggers a smidge later than planned. We met in the bar area of The Marriot to enjoy some cocktails – a mocktail for me – while completing the customary ‘get-to-know-yous’.

A very enthusiastic bar dweller offered to take a picture of us thinking we were on a hen do, or similar. We didn’t have the heart to tell him we had only just met…. please enjoy the slightly awkward result below.

I had made it known that I prefer to dine without the presence of fish or mushrooms, so I was given a different starter to the majority, apart from French blogger Flo who is pregnant and unable to eat raw fish at the moment.  Below is an image of what the other’s enjoyed, which looked beautiful and was apparently delicious.

I was given a chicken salad, with an alternative dressing to their usual, as it contains anchovy. I have to be open with you and admit that salad is the furthest away from a meal I would usually choose or enjoy. I had a bit of a moment on my first night in Amsterdam. A revelation if you will. It is possible for me to enjoy a meal which is largely made up of green stuff. Shocker! It was delicious, and has actually made me re-think my my strong and life-long anti salad stance.

For the main course we would be going for a sharing option. And, why not? Sharing meat has always been a successful bonding activity for me! Our waiter brought over the tray displaying all the meet, and talked us through all the different types of meat we could taste. He described where they are found on the body, what the animals are fed, and how these factors influence the overall flavour.

To accompany the excess amount of beef, we had chips, potatoes, beans and oiled vegatables, and our own little pots of Ketchup and Mayonnaise.

As you can see from this image, the meat was cooked to perfection. Well, if you believe perfection to mean – tender, a little bit pink, and falling off the bone. I will never understand people that choose to eat it well done, but we won;t get in to that!

We decided to continue the bonding experience by sharing some sweets. There was a unanimous coo when the plates arrived showcasing an array of pudding favourites. Despite already complaining that we were bursting at the seams, we of course embarked on clearing the plate in front of us. 

Within a few minutes we had managed to demolish the brownie, creme brulee, cheesecake….and the two other unknown desserts, which were equally yummy.

I always find it utterly bizarre when people request espressso at the end of a meal….right before you about they are due to head to bed. Surely this is the worst time to consume a stimulant? I always like to imagine that when they go to their room they are having a vigorous night time work out session, or putting their energy into some life altering plan…perhaps something far saucier is on the agenda. Who knows? However non sensical it seems, I do envy how chic they appear as they sip slowly from the minature cups.

By the way, how cool is cyrtsallised sugar they served at the Marriot?

I know, you’d think we would have had enough by now! Spoilt or what? But yes, our dessert course was followed by a session of marshmallow toasting. It felt wonderfully novel and nostalgic….bringing me right back to my days in the Girl Guides. Sadly those days were far less glam, and I was probably sporting some unflattering cullottes and a mild case of chillblains. I digress…. 


We had a perfect experience at the Midtown Grill – it is not surprising it has become a favourite for those who visit and live in the city, and not just guests of the hotel. If you enjoy meat, this is a must for your visit to Amsterdam . 


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