Firstly, the title I chose for this outfit isn’t describing my mental capacity, although considering that my brain seems to have turned into the consistency of mash potato, you would be forgiven for thinking that. It is referring to my current persuasion when it comes to dressing – the less is more approach. I don’t mean I’m getting my stems and baps out – more than I have reduced the amount of items and accessories used to create the ensemble. I don’t know whether its just because I am exttremely lethargic at moment and looking to save time, whether my current hermit like status means that putting too much thought into my outfit seems pointless, or whether I am just finding a lot of appeal in the effortless, fuss free aesthetic.

I have always admired those that have the ability to pull outfits together by artfully choosing the right bag, jewellery or headgear, but of late the fashionistas I have been attracted to are those that go for a more simplistic approach. The likes of Pretty Sickly have that easy, ‘I haven’t tried too hard’ look down, which has the ability to look classic yet edgy in its gutsy minimalism.

This outfit hasn’t embraced that aesthetic as such, but I just wanted to justify a bit why this outfit is a bit of a non event. There is an obvious lack of accessories apart from the rope cuff and tote and unified in its monochromeness. That said I rather enjoy that the bag takes centre stage given the statement emblazoned on it. With all the awful craziness happening in the world at the moment it seems extremely timely.

This outfit also represents the discovery of old stuff in your wardrobe. I’ve been quite gruff with myself this week, annoyed that I have amassed so many clothes and junk that doesn’t get used. Why did I spend so much money on stuff when life changing experiences could have been purchased as an alternative option for the money? Before I feel more grumpy about my stupid life choices, I will get to the point.

I found this old jersey midi dress in a crumpled heap on the floor. I at some point disregarded it during a trying on session, or deemed it not worthy of hanging on the rail I imagine. Midi is always a tricky length, particularly if you had child bearing hips like me, so I think that may have been my issue with the garment at the time.

I was trying to find a easy dress to put on because I was having my smear test and thought it would be easy access for the nurse, and struggled to find one that didn’t make it look like I’d made a weird amount of effort to get my Cervix tickled. I didn’t want to make the nurse feel uneasy afterall!
Put this one one, and actually didn’t hate it. Even if it seems to hug a bit tighter these day!

I think my point is that you should return to those item that you have dismissed or blacklisted, the ones that have been sent to the loft, back of the wardrobe or in that draw that everything that doesn’t have a home lives in. Not always, but sometimes, you will find a new appreciation for it. Perhaps it has come back in fashion, perhaps you have something new in your wardrobe that can bring it to life, or perhaps your relationship with your body has changed and you see it in a new light.

As someone on this simple style trip at the moment I prefer it without the cutesy retro headband, but for some I know it is just a bit too plan.

Regarding the faux bob in this post. I have been wondering whether to cut my hair lately, so was trying out the less risky way or tucking it down my dress. Chronic Fatigue has been really effecting my arms of late and I have been finding it hard to take care of my hair. Not sure it suits me, but perhaps a tousled wavy bob might look cool!?

You’ll notice, or perhaps you won’t, that I haven’t done many outfit posts lately, purely because I haven’t got anyone here to take them, and posing in front of the timer was getting on my wick and producing crappy results. Shout out to mum today for finally being able to take some piccies of me in focus – even if she did make it  look like the hardest thing to do in the world EVER!

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