Raddest jacket there ever lived! 

I found some more pictures on my SD card of some of the style sights from Download festival. Okay so not all of the ensembles are my cuppa tea, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Half the joy of festival and being part of a huge mass of people is being around difference and embracing it. 

I love seeing people showcasing their personal stylea and doing their thing – that’s what it’s all about.

Man after my own heart…

Love her cute paddington style wellies!

The cute lady wins the award for most fetching waterproof jacket of the weekend.  Love the leg tatts too!

Axl Rose is that you?

KISS fans donimated the site on Sunday – Good effort lads!


Some of the less than PG merch on offer,,,

A nice day for an off white wedding….


Feeling horny

Anyone else find these ridiculously creepy?

 High Vis boiler suit. WANT/NEED

Still a fair bit of cultural appropriation going on at fests, what do you guys think about the fact the stalls are selling native indian headresses for instance?

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