I had planned to take lots of street…well, festival-style type shots for Ticketmaster, but alas the weather put a damperner on that. Friday made it clear that style would not be top of the agenda for most attendees, and that all the well thought out outfits would be covered in a waterproof poncho. 

As you would expect from the Download crowd, they didn’t let the pissy weather hinder their ability to have fun – and that’s why it is one of the best festivals on planet earth. Everyone is there to have a ruddy, albeit muddy, good time.


I was very impressed how polished and groomed these ladies looked despite the elements. 


Just before I headed home and doing a last minute loo in the press area I saw a beacon of style a few metres away in the shape of summer bloggers Amy Valentine and Leanne Woodful. Despite braving the miserable weather for the whole weekend they still managed to maintain their cool credentials – almost annoying isn’t it!  Here you can see they’ve embraced a lot of classic music inspired looks – Camo, plaid, denim cut offs, vitage style rock tee, bomber, hoody and more.

You can tell some sort of discussion took place, perhaps over Whatsapp, that one day they’d embrace wacky-ness and all don a brazen hawaiian shirt. Perhaps all the clothes were wet through and they embarked on a group shopping trip to one of the vintage stands at Download. Either way I applaud you gents! I’m quite partical to a tropical shirt myself!


Off duty band guy aesthetic –  skinny jeans, clasic white t-shirt, leather jacket and beanie. He looks rather pleased with it though doesn’t he. 

I am loving his Serge Denimes necklace though.

Pirate chic….Adam Ant would be proud….oh and Johnny Depp for that matter.

The maggotts were out in force. Quite right too. 


He wasn’t the only one ‘in the bin’ that weekend. 

Si and I proving that we have completely given up on looking good whilst at Download Festival 2015.


What a beauty. I love her commitment to pink, colouring her eyebrows to match her incredible hair.  She has also adopted many of the traditional rock outfit details, with some added sexiness courtesy of her hold ups.

My dear friend Zoe proving that a classic simplicity is always a winning look. She looks so effortlessly cool in her jeans, converse, leather jackets and stripes. A definite indic rock vibe to her look.

Loren harking back the grunge era when girlies would wear cutsey ditzy floral dresses with their chunky DMs. This juxtopositon of style is right up my street – the soft, with the hard. Love the addition of the mesh top underneath too.

I can imagine the guys in Motley Crue diggin this sexy look….

I couldn’t decide which patch I wanted….so came away with none. Sounds logical 

Hugely impracticaly in a sexual scenario unless, you are in to pain while getting fruity. Also a potential hazard for other if worn when diving into a mosh pit.

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