Firstly, I have been in a bit of a mood with Missguided lately. I had ordered some bits for Download at the Kerrang! Awards, which didn’t arrive on time. Well, thats an understatement, they eventually arrived two weeks later, despite having ticked the next day delivery box. Felt sorry for the poor girl on their help Twitter account who had to deal with my grumpy DM’s…but it was bloomin’ annoying. 

Anyhoo, we got there in the end and they gave me a 20% discount as a peace offering. 

I had to say goodbye to three pairs of shoes after my holiday, having been ravaged by the beach, quad bike rides and volcano hikes. Unfortunately my bank account has also taken a battering, and I didn’t have a whole lotta cash to spend on replacing my dear departed footwear.  

Missguided came to my rescue with these sliders and their gloriously affordable £7 pricetag. 

Birkenstock style shoes used to be frowned upon by the cool dressers, but in the last year or so, following on from the normcore trend, they are suddenly the ‘it’ shoe for care-free daywear. 

I have been informed that genuine Birkenstocks take a bit of wearing in, but these metallic takes on the recognizeable format have proved comfy from day one. Superb!!

Double Strap Buckle Sliders Metallic Gold £7

I think they are the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe because they work just as well with your boyfriend jeans and slouchy t-shirt as they do a cutesy summer dress. Plus the gold looks fab against a tan!

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