As you will see from my recent Instagram spamming, I left the country again. This time for a weekend jaunt to Marseille with some gal pals of mine. Quite a few of us have gone through some stressful times of late, so it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. We were extremely ready for chill time, rants about annoying home stuff and boys, singing loudly to Nu Metal classics, and eating lots of yummy french food. 

It was quite a random collection of ladies, some of us having only met eachother briefly once in a group setting, but we had been united by a need and mission for some good ol girl time. 

Going on holidays with people can be quite revealing. The change of conditions, cultures and climates can bring out different sides of people you thought you knew well, and expose the quirks you hadn’t witnessed when meeting them for small doses at a time. So you can understand I was slightly daunted by the prospect of going on holiday with some ladies I barely knew, and some good pals I had never travelled with. Miraculously it all turned out pretty well….although I think they were shocked at how bad my diet was and the distinct lack of vegetables on my lunch and dinners plates. 

Thankfully are mutual need for a recoup meant we were all on the same page in terms of wanting to lay on the beach, punctuating with the odd cocktail, and ending the day with a scrummy dinner in a cute square.

But as well as my lack of love of the green and healthy stuff, there was another way I differed from the gang. I am the only one minus tattoo ink. They all have very different, but all equally cool bits of artwork on their bodies, and I am still very much a blank canvas. However I did have some fake jewellerty tatts in my possession that would prove to bond the group together.

We were getting to that point in sunbathing where we felt we were turning into crispy bacon so decided to seek out a shaded spot where we could refresh ourselves with a Mojito. This seemed the perfect time to get the Bohemian Tatt Sheets out and bling our beach bods. The girls had been joking (half joking) that we would be getting matching holiday ink, so I was hoping this would keep them that at bay for a bit longer. 

I used to love transfer tattoos when I was a kid, I was particularly fond of my Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle ones. But if you never indulged as a youngster, they are extremely easy to use. You simply use scissors (or careful ripping) to choose your chosen design from the sheet. Remove the clear plastic protective covering, and place the design face down on the skin. Make sure the skin is dry and clear of anything greasy. Once it has been placed on the skin exactly where you’d like it, pour or dab water on it. Make sure it is completely saturated in the water, leave for a few seconds, then lift up the paper. The metallic design should be left on your skin. SIMPLE!

We all found it surprisingly fun putting these glam temporary tattoos – I’m not sure whether it was because it made us feel nostalgic, whether it was because they were so glitzy and appealed to our girly nature, or simply because it was something we could all do together…who knows? When you think of girls nights in though, we love to do things together like all putting on face packs….

So if you have a festival or holiday coming up why not buy a set between you that you can share and have fun putting on each-other.

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