It’s funny how a change in your lifestyle can effect how you see things….

This is true for many developments that happen in your life….starting a fitness regime may change how you look at your body, a new friends will change how you feel about your choice to eat meat, or something as small as your opinion towards a band, buying a home will completely change your feelings towards money.

Since I’ve become a more frequent blogger/vlogger I have become a bit more frustrated with my living environment.

When I watch the vlogs, tutorials, tags of most YouTubers, and in particular the big ones, you can’t help but notice some themes and patterns emerging in terms of the aesthetic. 

Lots of them have white walls, fairy lights, fresh flowers, and lots of lovely framed artwork and quotes. Some also have wonderfully neat dressing tables with perfectly apppointed storage unit showcasing their beauty samples and other attractive artefacts that all help to create a frame worthy of Elle Decoration. 

This clean, well thought out, clutter free (or intentionally cluttered in that vintage mixed media type way)….it just looks so well choreographed, and, well, completely different to what I have to work with. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see it, let’s face it we all love to see pretty interiors, hence our obsession with the likes on Pinterst, Tumblr, Instagram etc, but it does a lot to highlight my lackings in this area. 

For a start my room is red, which immediately darkens the overall look of the video. The only place I have room to put my tripod up in my room is at the foot of the bed, therefore capturing the bed and the walls behind the bed. I have a hotch potch of random cushions, a dreamcatcher and Moon light on my wall that hung up very quickly, and are therefore wonky and look like an accident. My makehsift dressing table (which is actually an old puff I had, that I’ve covered with a scarf) is usually littered with chocolate wrappers, my pill strips, tea tree oil to apply to my spots before bed….and various other bits of clutter that should live somewhere else. 

Okay, so this stuff is mainly down to my messy nature and can be changed if I try a bit harder, but as this isn’t my house and (I’d like to think I may move out sometime before I’m forty) I can’t do much about the offensive walls. 

When you finish editing your Vlogs you have an agonising few hours wondering whether you are proud enough  to put it online – knowing that once it’s out there people can say what the devil they like. Due to the general aesthetic of the videos filmed in my bedroom, I never feel fully proud or chuffed with the results, it just doesn’t look polished and aspirational….it looks a bit too gritty and real. But I dunno maybe it’s a good thing to show people that some of us have a bit of a way to go when it comes to achieving that instagram worthy office/bedroom. 

I think for Beauty tutorials it makes a hell of a lot of difference if the vloggers background is ‘good’, because you don’t want to be distracted by too much mess and colour, you want to be able to clearly see how they are applying their make up or doing their hair –  and the colours of the make up and hair just pop better against an unmuddled space. I always like the ones with a blank canvas behind, so when filming my most recent video I resorted to sitting on the floor on the landing just outside my toilet – GLAM or what?!! This is literally the only piece of white wall in my whole house. In fact there is not blank wall at all in the Eggleton home – it’s a bloggers nightmare. 

This had become particularly annoying when it comes to outfit posts. I have to take these myself as I have no bloggy pals to help, and because my mum is terrified of using the camera saying that her bi focals make it hard for her to know whether it’s in focus. So I need spaces where I can put my camera on a tripod and set the timer. I don’t want to be posing in front of my ironing board, the kitchen sink, my pile of plates covered in leftover food scraps, so the best place I’ve found is in my garden against the green of the trees….. These aren’t great to be honest, and when I look at other bloggers and their posts against blank or cool ( graffiti/urban/industrial) walls, or in lovely locations, I can’t help but be a bit embarrassed about mine. I could take my camera and tripod out to fancier locations, but I still very self conscious about posing/vlogging in public….something I need to work on.

Before getting into blogging again I was just grateful that I had parents that would allow me to continue to live under their roof…..Funny how blogging can make you lose perspective on what’s important, causing you to find frustrations in things that really aren’t that important. That said, I will use this to fuel me to keep pushing on with all this stuff. Hopefully one day I’ll have the means to own/rent an environment that gives me heart eyes, one that may even be blog worthy!

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