Being a blogger/vlogger means having to look at yourself a horrific amount of minutes a day – whether it be editing outfit posts or videos. Sometimes this can be a pretty traumatic thing particular when you are having one of those insecure days where you can pinpoint about a gazillion flaws and annoying personality traits.

Today’s outfit shots made me realise that I have put on a bit of timber during my holiday – I’m guessing breakfasts consisting of doughnuts, waffles, crepes and lots of chocolate will do that for you. But you know what? I have no regrets whatsoever. Holidays for me are about letting go, not worry about what you look, not worrying about everything that stresses you out at home, and indulging in a huge way. If this way of life for a week means I have a bit more padding on my belly, then so be it!

So back to the outfit….I’ve had this Rat and Boa suit for a while, but it’s not an easy outfit to wear in the UK. Not many occasions or weather conditions allow for such a look. I was once again won over by the gorg Rat and Boa model shots on their website, and hoped I could emulate it just a bit. Of course this was a mere pipe dream….

The shorts got a lot of wear on holiday, as they are incredibly light and comfortable and didn’t rub on my sunburn light my fitted denim cut offs. The jacket didn’t make an appearance though, because I’m not overly happy with the fit – its a bit shapeless and has a bit of a homemade feel about it. Perhaps that is intentional, but it didn’t do me any favours. 

I always think white looks luxe when teamed with metallic so popped on my rose gold loafers. I enhanced the hippy vibe with mu fabric strapped Toy Watch and felt Trilby. Would you try a short suit for summer?

Rat and Boa Short Suit

Miss Selfridge Crop

WearWood Designs Sunglasses 

Toy Watch 

Essie Nail Polish

No.7 Lippy

Missguided Hat

Primark Loafers

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