As a youngster I was always frail and waifish, then I hit puberty and I suddenly had boobs and sizeable hips. I still had twiggy legs and useless weak arms but I suddenly had new angles and bumps to manage and dress. 

Although I’ve filled out over the years, I still find it hard to dress a figure that is slim in parts but shapely in others. 

When Golddigga sent over their very generous holiday care package inside the box was a lovely turquoise high waisted bikini. I loved it in the box, but I was unsure whether it would be flattering on my figure.

I have often admired the papped shots of curvy celebs in their retro style bikinis, the Kelly Brook’s of this world, but thought perhaps I’m not quite hourglass enough to pull it off with such feminie prowess. 

Taylor Swift, who has a slimmer, model type figure, has also been known to wear a high waisted number when on her holidays with her girly hareem, but then I haven’t got a figure as lean and long as hers….

As someone in the middle of curvy and slim, how would the high wasited bikini work out? 

First of all lets just say that the colour looks great against tanned skin, and if we are all honest we are always looking for colours that compliment and enhance our newly bronzed skin.

I also really likes the style of the type – it is more like a crop/bodice type top, which gives a nice amount of support for medium sized baps. That said, the extra material makes it less good for even tanning.

As you can see from this picture it wasn’t super flattering on my bottom, which is getting droopier by the year. This picture will be my motivation to start doing butt clenches, lunges and body brushing.

I always have a bit of excess chub around my belly button, so I think this helped to suck it in and cover it up a bit. I think actually it would have been even more effective at masking bumps and lumps if it had been in a dark colour or had a busy print on it.


This is probably a bit TMI, but if you don’t have one of those really neat, porn star style nether regions (lets face it, 90% of us don’t) or if you are prone to a camel toe, then I feel like it more noticeable in a high waisted bikini. Anyone else notice this? 

Wearing my fave Tiger sunglasses which were a steal at £2! I did inevitably sit on them on the final day of holiday, so I’m glad they were such a bargain.

Ring from Shop Dixi

Although I’m in the worst shape I’ve been in a while – my boobs have become a bit sad from years of fluctuation, my thighs are dimply due to severe lack of exercise and a love of fast food, and I am starting to develop cankles, I am actually less fussed about what people think about my body. I think when you’ve been through some tricky ‘stuff’ in life you reaccess the things you stress about – hence why I’m happy to post images of myself in a bikini, dimples and all. I’ve come to the realisation that you can always look better, but you can also look worse, and I’d rather enjoy my time in the sun, than fret about my bits and bobs. I’m pretty sure everyone is concerned with enjoying their own time too and not wasting their time judging other people’s beach bods. If that’s not the case then that’s a shame for them…..

I do understand that it is still nice to feel as good and confident as possible in the body you have, and sometimes finding the right bikini has the power to deliver this. Why not experiment like I did. I don’t think this is the ideal style for me, but I’m glad I gave it a whirl, and pleased to have found a brand that makes a lovely bikini!


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  1. July 9, 2015 / 8:03 pm

    I absolutely love high-wasted bikinis! However I think you get kind of awkward tanning lines, which is why I don't own one jet.

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