As you may, or may have not noticed, I have been blogging a bit more again lately. I think the weather gives me a bit more of that get up and go attitude. Included in the posts are a hefty amount of outfit ones – posed photos of me sporting old and new items. Taking and then editing shots of myself has been enlightening, in both positive and negatives ways. I am feeling less happy with my body at the moment, having realised how things have deteriorated, widened, or become less toned – something which I may not have realised without doing these posts. 

Okay, I know that I’ve put on a few pounds, I think we are all very aware of what are body feels like and when it is less or more than its usual – but I don’t think I was quite aware of how visible these changes probably are to others. The other day I really had a bit of a shock at my thights in my denim cut offs. I knew they were always my squidgy area but I didn’t know how obvious the cellulite is on my thights – I will admit to being a bit down for a few hours about that. 

This morning I decided to do a 15 minute morning yoga routine, just so I felt I was being a bit proactive about it. Nothing worse than someone who moans about an issue which can be improved. 

I think blogging actually has a lot to do with my weight gain and lack of fitness. I spend most of my daya in my house, typing from my bed, with very little to no walking. The only walking I do it to the snack cupboard, because when I’m bored I tend to hunt for food. Blogging can be lonely, so I find that snacks have almost become a companion. I used to go to every single press day and press events, which means walking a hell of a lot around London. To save money and time I only go to ones that are really necessary – although this has helped my dire financial position and tiredness levels, it is not so great for my fitness. 

Wow, I’ve talked way more about this than intended – I want to save this for another post. However today’s pictures highlighted a few things about my body that will help me dress is a more body complimentary way in the future……

I bought this dress yonkers ago when I was a fresher at uni. Back then I had gone on the pill for the first time and my boobs had ballooned to a size 32 E. My waist was nipped in, and I had my hips (which I still have today obvs). I had that hourglass shape, and embraced it by wearing more 40’s/50’s silhouettes – full skirts, pinched and belted waists etc. I used to find that the halter style of this dress was great for lifting and pushing together my weighty boobs.

As I think I stated in my other blog post, I’m really trying to de-clutter and get rid of the humungous amounts of clothes I don’t wear or suit anymore, therefore periodically trying on those old pieces to see whether they are going to find themselves in the ‘keep’ or ‘throw’ pile.

I picked this out today, as I am off to a BBQ with chums in London tonight, and it’s a lovely sunny day. I also thought this khaki might look nice set against my newly pinky locks.  I also thought the midi length would be great with how I am feeling about my thighs at the moment.

When I first put it on I realised straight away the zip was having a tougher time to go up than it used – it would seem I’ve also acquired some fetching back fat. My boobs, which are now a C, and a bit saggy after years of fluctuation, looked less majestic than they used to with the help of the halter. 

First I teamed the dress with my new fave sliders, thinking they’d link nicely with the vintage belt, but would be casual enough for the occasion. When I looked at the photos back I realised that the flat shoe and length of dress left me looking stunted. Finding the right skirt length for your proportions is tricky and I hadn’t found it easy to judge from looking in the mirror. It was instantly clear from looking over the pictures though. As soon as I added the wedges the oufit came together a whole lot better.

So I guess what I’m saying is that you may find things you don’t like about yourself in pictures but there is always something that can be done, and actually they can educate us on how to dress are figures and show them off to our best advantage. So my legs for example,  which are really short from the knee down, can now be elongated know that I what length skirts do and don’t work on me.

Let’s embrace and make the most of our body shapes. Rather than cry over those photos we hate, the ones that highlight our problem areas…let’s think Okay, so that would look better with that, or let’s draw attention to that…..

Or in an ideal world say ‘**** it’ I’m fabulous!

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