Post holiday blues are bad enough, but when your tan starts to peel off, like a metaphor for the the joy that is also leaving you…..well, it’s almost a bit much!

I was hoping I could come back and show off my impressive back tan in some saucy backless tops and dresses, but alas the shoulder decided to blister, then go crusty, and eventually leave two glaring light pink patches….it almost looks like my wings have been removed. 

The middle area of my back is still a even so this little Motel jumpsuit with its back slit was the ideal compromise.

I’ve had this feather print number for a while, but it has remained unworn because I am a frequent loo goer. I have a raison sized bladder, and the prspect of having to get myself out of it ten times a day just seems too much effort.  

I’ve teamed with my retro style sunnies from Beginning Boutique, which is an Aussie online store I adore, but stop myself from logging into too often as I can’t afford the shipping costs : (

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