The weather forcast predicted sun and heat so instead of putting on a bra I went for a super skimpy bikini top so I could aim to reduce some of my blinding white bits. But alas, the forecast was incorrect….shock, horror, right? 

Us Brits are used to it. We expect disappoinment. We expect rain and grey skies. No wonder we’ve had to develop such a rich sense of humour!

So if you’re a lazy bugger like me and you don’t want to change and admit complete defeat, you find a quick cover up item in your wardrobe. Quite often you’ll turn to your fave throwover tee or a zip up hoodie. On this day I thought I turn to an old pale green knit jumper I haven’t worn for years. It occured to me that it is the perfect summer throw on.

Its neautral tone makes it ideal for those days where the skies have clouded over but you don’t want to completely transition to autumnal hues. The knit is lightweight and semi sheer so you can see the pattern of your bikini through it, and not get sweaty should the conditions turn to muggy.

I teamed with white jeans, just to keep the overall look fresh and semi summery despite its covered up nature. I know for a while White Jeans were the black sheep of the denim family….people either thought they were very upper class trying to be glam/casual (Liz Hurley) or that they looked a bit chavvy. I feel like the fashion community have embraced them again now though, realising their potential for being part of some very wearable summer looks for those in locations that don’t always supply heat or rays.

Oh I’ve been meaning to mention this necklace for a while. I had some antique opal (my birthstone) earrings passed down to me – a family heirloom sort of thing. They were stunning but I knew I’d never wear them as I have rather sensitive ear holes. Although on occasion I would admire them in their box, they would never be showcased in the way they were intended. I didn’t want to sell them, but I didn’t want their beauty to be wasted. So I decided I’d get one turned into a pendant to put on a chain – I knew I would get wear out of it that way. So I took it to a few local jewellers to see if it was feasible and got a few quotes. Pictured above is the finished result. When I get enough money I’ll get the other earring turned into a ring. I just wanted to tell you this, because sometimes we fall out of love with an item or think it isn’t really our style anymore, but with just a little tweaking, editing or customising, it can be given a whole new lease of life and become one of your most loved possessions.

Jumper – La Redoute

Jeans – Topshop

Sliders – Missguided

Necklace – Vintage

Pink Hair – Maria Nila

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