I follow a number of bloggers on instagram, many of whom have been posting pictures of their press trips to the likes of Ibiza, all looking fabulous in their cut out swimsuits teamed which wedges and fancy heeled strappy sandals, sipping on vivid cocktails round the pool. 

They look so polished, so glam. How do they do it? When I’m at the beach the wind whisks my hair up into a candy floss nest, or it turns into starchy dreads thanks to a dip/fall into the salty sea. 

My make up is minimal if not non existent as I know with my profiency in sweating will melt it off my face. 

It’s the heels thing though….I find it near enough impossible to wear heels on flat surfaces, but near a pool or on sand….that’s a disaster waiting to happen. So I’m sorry I don’t really achieve high octane glamour with my swimsuit shots, instead I’ve teamed with my rather stinky Primark canvas shoes….which I have now been forced to throw away because they were apparently ‘toxic’.

This Primark bikini seems to have been a big seller I have seen at least two other bloggers I follow wearing it, and I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed with it. It turned out to withstand the holiday elements better than all of my more expensive ones, and gives a nice bit of support to my medium weight baps. I think I should have got a size up on top thought because they are slightly smashed down. Gotta love a bit of tropical print for your hols though, always makes you feel exotic and looks great against bronze skin.

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