This was day one of our beloved week in Santorini. It’s weird to think that at this point we didn’t know this would be our fave holiday of all time, and we’d fall in love with the island. In fact, at that point I remember feeling a bit underwhelmed, because at that point we didn’t have our barings and therefore didn’t realise we hadn’t even seen close to some of the amazing views and scenery we were about the stumble upon as we walked into Thira town.  

I so wish I could go back in time and see that stunning panoramic that greets you as you reach the summit of the town. Truly breathtaking. 

But before I burst into tears and soggy my laptop, let’s talk fashion. 

So even though it was Day 1, I was eager to get my British skin out, and get a base of colour to kick start my holiday tan, opting for a relatively skimpy outfit. 

Out of all of my Rat and Boa purchases this is my favourite – it’s that perfect throw on dress to put over your bikini when breaking from tanning for lunch or a nip into town. 

I am a hippy at heart, so I am always drawn to anything featuring Tie Dye, and I love how the colours looks against the white buildings of Santorini. 

I teamed with my old Primark Sandals, which have since kicked the bucket, and my Primark Backpack, which although is minus  some of its tassles, is still alive and kicking. The outfit is of course completed by my £2 Tiger sunnies. 

Rat and Boa Dress

Primark Rucksack

Primack Sandals

Tiger Suunglasses

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  1. July 30, 2015 / 11:05 am

    Looks like a great holiday there!
    Want to fly away now!
    And your dress is so great!
    Following you now 🙂

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