I’m conflicted when to comes to advances in technology. It’s just so convenient that I can find things out so quickly thanks to Google search (and relieve my parents from their old person forgetfulness). I love that I can listen or watch (and sing a long to) my favourite old TV shows, songs, adverts etc thanks to YouTube. And thank goodness for the ability to keep in touch with all my friends that have fled the UK for hotter climates, career opportunities and their travel romances.

However, the fact that I am essentially always ‘on call’, always contactable, with very little chance of fully switching off from work or life stress, is a definite negative. The fact that I can feel my blood boil and almost chuck my laptop or phone out of the window on a weekly basis when it decides it doesn’t want to play nice. You know what I’m talking about…..Ironically I am re-writing this piece, having last half of it when blogpost decided to freeze. Grrrrrr

Before I get into a full on rant about ‘the good ol’ days’ I’ll get to the point.

 Do you remember the antiscipation you used to feel when waiting for your holiday/party/school disco/birthday pictures to be ready to be picked up from the developers.

I remember after one school trip, my friend Emily and I treated ourselves to the one hour service and waited excitedly in McDonalds for our Adventure France pictures, we were genuinley pumped about it. My mum would always make me wait for the standard amount of time, so this was me treating myself, and being slightly rebellious. Back then it wasn’t about taking photots to post online to show off about what we were wearing, what we were doing, and with who. It was more innocent. We just wanted to document our lives, so that we could flick through them together and reminisce, and perhaps put these wonderful memories on our bedrom rooms – choosing to frame our favourite shots.

Some of my favourite family times comes at Christmas, when there is a lull in the festive TV, and mum goes upstairs to get some old photo albums to flick through together. We’ll recall some of our favourite holidays, our dear departed pets, and terrible fashion choices. It’s the most united we feel all year.

I don’t want to become one of those stubborn old mules who refuses to keep up with the times, so I don’t resist the daily/hourly advancements and developments in technology, but if there is a way to hark back to simpler times I’ll definitely joyfully dabble.

When I got an email informing me about the Cheerz app I was instantly interested in having a go. As much as I subscribe to posting photos on instagram and sharing my memories via facebook albums, I love a photo I can hold in my hand…..or put under my pillow and lust over….just me? 

Founded in Paris in 2012, Cheerz is already firmly established across many other European

markets. With over 1m downloads the app has been featured by the App Store and appeared

in the press many times, including Grazia and Marie Claire.

Cheerz’s ethos is to reinvent photo printing with a brand at the heart of the photography revolution.

Providing the simplest and most intuitive photo printing service, tapping into today’s Zeitgeist and

bringing back the joy of the printed image that seems to have been lost in modern day photography.

The launch of Cheerz in the UK was only a matter of time, the penetration of smartphones in the

UK is one of the highest in Europe and we’re excited to launch the brand here, together with the

opening with a local office in London.” – Antoine Le Conte

I opted for 30 poloroid style photos that would come in cute box of my choice. The app allows you to access your instagram/facebook/Dropbox and tick the photos you’d like to have in tangiable form. I opted to pick 30 pictures from my Instagram because they already had the nice filters and tints added. I was so impressed with how fast it arrived, and how adorable my polka dot box was. Genuine poloroids are slightly more substantial in terms of thickness, as these are your photos printed in the ‘style’ of poloroids, but the quality of the printing was very good. Make sure you opt to print pictures that are of a decent res though, or you may be disappointed and you’ll only have yourself to blam.
I love that you have the option to add your own caption on the photos, whether it be the occasion or year it was taken, or something sweet or witty. I wrote some messages that would allow me to give away some of the photos as token cheer up gifts to people I love.

The sets themselves are wonderful present ideas though. Something personal or bespoke tells someone you care, but with all the time pressure on us in 2015 it can be hard to put together that sepcial gift. The app is so user friendly this is a really easy and speedy way to create a thoughtful thing for the ones you love. My lucky boyf will be getting a Cheerz gift come Christmas…..why am I writing this here….for proof he doesn’t read my blog! You can’t get the support these days can ya…?

The App is available on IOS and Android, head there now to see all of the fun formats and objects you can create.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 16, 2015 / 11:09 pm

    Hi Sophie, thanks for the review. I have used the Cheerz app and was quite happy when my photos arrived in the mailbox after a couple of days. The app works great and prints are of good quality. However, I was surprised to see that the albums I uploaded (with my newborn in them) had been stored on their servers, probably for later use or something, without my approval. I contacted Cheerz asking them to remove my uploads from their servers because their web app doesn't let me. If you don't care about the fact that all of your pictures are flying around on someones server then I'd recommend using cheerz. I've asked to remove my account, because they told me that would be the only way to have my uploads removed. Once they fix that privacy issue, I'll be a client again. I think other users should be informed about this as well so that they have the choice to do what they want with their photos.

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