REVIEW: Collection Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara in Blue

I was born in the mid eighties, so it was in the nineties that I started experimenting with make up.  It started with looking through my mums bathroom cabinet and trying out the sparse amount of products she owned. She has wonderful sparkly blue eyes, very different from the brown eyes I’d inherited from my dad, so the few products she used were aimed to enhance her icy tones. This didn’t stop me adding some silvery blue to my eyelids and a shimmery pink to my lips, even though all the magazine were telling me that I should be opting for plum, dark green and bronze tones. I think at that age you just want to be able to partake in the activity of applying make up, any make up, because you want to feel grown up. The results were always very…ummm….nineties.

More recent beauty tutorials and articles have stated that blue/navy can actually look wonderful against brown eyes, so I feel I’ve been given the green (or blue) flag to delve into a bit more colour. 

Due to the huge 90’s resurgence beauty brands have expanded their portfolio on a huge level, offering a ridiculous amount of eyeliners, shadows, lipsticks and mascaras in vivid and out-there colours. I know if you are used to trying to achieve the natural look, a smokey eye being your most daring look, then it may be a bit intimidating. From someone who has pretty much had the same make up look for ten years, let me urge you to experiment. It is a lot of fun and you end up discovering some fab new looks for evenings, festivals and holidays.

Before we get into the review….. 

You have may noticed a new metal addition to my face in these images…but I have a confession…It isn’t real. I have toyed with getting a nose piercing for years, but because my parents absolutely hate them (and I still find it hard to rebel against their views) and because I am prone to reacting to things pretty badly, I haven’t gone for it. I still had a craving for the accessory though, and seeing that it appears to be more acceptable to fake it these days, I found some really affordable silver sings on Etsy. Still not sure whether it suits me or not…What do you guys think? Be honest with me….am I too old looking to pull it off?

I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like the look on me as a fairly grown up person….let’s face it, I’m no spring chicken, so I didn’t want to fork out a lot of money. Collection is hugely popular amongst the respected beauty bloggers, so I was happy to try theirs, even though at an extremely affordable £2.99 you may think it would be dinstinctly average a product. I also plumped for that particular one because it was that beautiful electric blue, some of the others were either turquise or a too subtle midnight blue.

 The Review

The formula has a good balance..thick enough to add volume and length, but thin enough to separate the lashes. It wasn’t quite as volumising and lengthening as my faithful Lancome Hypnose, but it was hard to tell if that was because it was in blue rather than dramatic black. This is a great blue mascara if you want to wear it in the day, as it isn’t overpowering, but very pretty when enhanced by sunlight.

I wanted to see if I could enhance the effect of the blue, by using some other products…many of which also have that nineties vibe. 

I bought this pallette for a mere £6 in Superdrug yesterday, which is a bargain when you consider what some well known brands charge. I thought this was the perfect pallette for me considering it has the more natural earthy tones as well as those wonderdul jewel tones for evening and Autumn/Winter. I applied the purple on the bottom row as I thought it would be nice paired with the electric blue of the mascara. I added highlight on my brow bone with the white and put a smidge of the pale gold in the centre of my lid. 

Like the good ol’ days I had a rummage through my mums cabinet and found this nineties’esque beaut of a lipstick. I thought the shimmery purple would be perfect in nailing that frosted slightly cheap look. It’s ok to look a bit cheap, if you do it on purpose, right?!


Instead of using my usual black felt liner on my top lid I thought i’d go for this blue liner I bought in Marseille. The colour is lovely, but it was more subtle than I was hoping. It’s navy rather than electric, and unfortunately it’s waxy nature makes it hard to swipe over the lead, and very difficult to blend. I ended up returning to my usual L’oreal Superliner just to add some definition to the edges of the lash lines.

Deborah Milano – Extra Eye Pencil

I still wanted to up the oomph factor so rummaged in my beauty drawer for those sets and palletes I had deemed too extreme in the past. I found this Maybelline Big Eyes pallette, with this stunning blue within it, which I thought would be perfect at amping up the effect of the mascara. 

I added the vibrant blue along the lower and upper lash lines which instantly made my eyes look more alive. 

I turned to my favourite New ID Blushes to add a bit of girly flush to the cheeks, using the lightest powder to highlight the nose bone.

I am yet to try blue mascaras from other brands, but this Extreme mascara by Collection is definitely a great introduction into coloured lashes…..but I must warn you not to watch anything sad while you wear it. I watched some kids getting puppies on YouTube and ended up with a blue face….smurf style for the win!

So, would you dare to sport a nineties blue lash??

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