Even before sampling them I was pretty certain I would like these sprays. I have used Fudge Urban hair colouring products before and were hugely impressed with them. My pal Zoe London sports her peacock locks so wonderfully as a fab ambassador for the brand and they have built up a fab reputation for quality hair products amongst the beauty bloggers. 

A few years ago I used their Paint Box Creative Conditioning Colour in Purple Haze to create a very pale lilac rinse over my newly blonde hair. I had diluted the strong purple tone by mixing with a basic conditioner, and was extremely chuffed with how it turned out. Althought Paint Box Colours do wash out eventually (they state anywhere from 3-30 washes on the tube), they do remain longer than many other wash out dyes I’ve tried (like BLEACH LONDON), which is great if you want to sport this style for longer, but should be noted for those wishing to only have the vivid do for a few washes.

Anyhoo, back to the product in question…..

I had receieved a press release about the product featuring an image of Ellie Goulding, sporting her sassy new lob, spraying the peachy colour on the ends. She was using ‘Coral Crush’ to create the summery dip dye look, and I loved it. This was prior to my holiday in Santorini, so I quickly emailed and said I’d love to try it while I’m out there, with the thought process the colour would pop against the azure seas and iconic white buildings. Sadly it didn’t arrive in time, but they were there upon my return, which slightly lifted me from my post holiday state of grump.

I thought I best get cracking with trying these babies out, before my tan completely peels off and my summer vibes completely disintergrate. 

I am generally more drawn to pinky/peachy hues as a rule. I think they suit my colouring a bit better, and are slightly less of a statement. They also tend to fade quicker, so there feels like there is less risk involved. I have also found that when I have gone for more dramatic colours I have found it harder to make outfits work. That said, the beauty of these sprays is that you can try those more daunting and daring looks without the commitment. 

I decided I would go for an allover peachy look and put some blue roots in. I have naturally darker root, where my sun bleached hair has grown out, so I thought this may be a pretty funky way to cover it whilst incorportating it into my colour look. 

They advise you put a towel round your neck, but I risked it and just put an old tee on instead – what a daredevil I am! I would say that you should make sure you aren’t near your bedspread or a gleaming white wall. Your housemates or mum won’t appreciate finding your illegible accidental graffiti around the place.

It took me a bit of bringing the spray closer and further away from the head to find the perfect distance that would create the intensity of coral I was after, which is why my finished look has the appearance of streaks. 

The blue gave  more intense and bold coverage but it was possible to graduate it into the peachy colour, which was a nice suprise as novice sprayer. 

I ended up leaving some gaps at the back, so I would reccommend you get someone to help you spray the bits you can’t see easily, just to ensure you get full and even coverage.

I love how the combination of Coral Crush and Turquoise Noise gave the effect of a holiday sunset – like the ones I had been enjoying last week…..wahhhh : (

When I put my hair up into this quick messy bun I realised how many options a spray colour can give you. You could just spray the ends of a pony tails, or just on your bun. You could sport a coloured fringe or mulicoloured plait, or even use a stencil!! (Think I’ll try that next)

The spray does change the overall texture of your hair, essentially your are putting hairspray in it, so your hair does have that dry porduct-y feel like. It also takes away the natural shine in the hair, instead becoming matt and beachy…if that’s what you’re after then that’s a bonus, but if you seek out glossy, polished looks then this isn’t the product for you (if you want to wear your hair down at least). 

Your hair does get a massive amount of volume if you use a lot of the spray, and makes it really easy to create that festival/travelling messy texture. I personally like that undone hippy look, but mum mum said I looked like I needed to locate a brush pronto. It’s a personal preference I guess…..

I’d say these are a great alternative to dye if you want to add a bit of colour for the odd occasion, but can’t commit long term, but for an even, glossy and punchy effect you should opt for their Paint Box Colours. I know my pals that have jobs that don’t allow for bright hair, are itching to have a go with these…..let the spray parties commence!

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  1. October 21, 2015 / 9:33 pm

    I've just bought these cant wait to try, I'm interested to know more about mixing the paintbox colours with conditioner do you have another blog on this? Xxx

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