Regular readers and viewers will that every now and again I get an urge to go bright when it comes to my barnet. It usually occurs on those days when I’m a bit bored, where in between trips to the cupboard for biscuits, I wonder whether there is a beauty sample that I can experiement with on a whim. In the past a rather dull day has lead to a violet rinse, blue roots, rose pink dip-dye and a full head of bright tangerine. It has also lead to some very unfortunate wax injuries….but that’s a whole other story. 

On monday I met the lovely team at Push PR at their very cool Finsbury Park HQ. As soon as I arrived in their space, my eyes were drawn to a bright pink bob being sported by Emma, head of the agency. She looked fantastic, and I could already feel that inner punk restlessness emerge again. 

It turns out she isn’t the only one of the team to experiement with less than natural hues lately, all being tempted by a range of colour masques by Swedish brand, Maria Nila. 

I’d be hearing about the brand lately, mainly thanks to some of the Beauty Vloggers I trust for a honest opinon on products, like Fleur De Force. They had all reflected on how easy the product was to use, which is a major plus point for me…..Also it’s hard to ignore how lovely the packaging is, let’s face it, Skandi is having a big moment at the moment. I wonder if we are drawn to  clean, light, fresh space and design because our minds/lives are such a muddle with all that comes with being a working person in 2015…I digress.


After washing and conditioning your hair, and towel drying, you simply apply the masque in the same way you would a leave in conditioner – combing through or using your fingers to make sure it gets good coverage. You should use their gloves too – although I have to admit I left them downstairs and was too covered in soap suds to make the dash downstairs. Thankfully the pink didn’t stain my skin at all (I hear the blue tones are more inclined to stain). 

So about more about the product I used….

The Pink Pop Colour Refresh is a gentle hair masque with non permanent colour pigments. By using the product you can either intensify and enhance your existing colour or completely transform the colour of your hair. I only applied it today so I can’t give you my experience yet, but the bottle states that the results last for up to 10 washes. The amount of time it lasts will of course depend on the quality of the hair or if the hair is porous or treated. They also advise to condition at the end of the process to lock in that colour.

I’m personally looking forward to the look a few washes in, as my dream colour destination is always a girly baby pink. If you can’t be bother to wait though, this could be acheived by combining the Pink Pop with their White Mix product which comes under their Neutralising Shades (also featuring their Pearl Silver which helps to combat yellow tones).

My hair is struggling after my time in Santorini.  As well as turning into my body into a sun dried tomato thanks to over doing it in the sun, my hair has been left flat and straw-like. I could sugar coat it and say it looks boho and beachy, but the reality is that it is suffering from post holiday blues. I’m afraid I was very naughty and forgot to protect it with heat protection spray while it was exposed to the intense greek heat. 

To give it a boost and hopefully get it back looking full and bouncy, I used the Pure Volume Shampoo and Conditioner prior to adding the Colour Refresh. The Shampoo is clear in colour, although you see the odd flash of pearl, and it has a gentle but yummy smell. It also lathers up well, which I find is weirdly rare quality than ever these days. I don’t want to have to give my arms too much of a workout!

The conditioner is a slightly smaller bottle, which makes sense, considering you always use less of it. The thought process is that you should run out of the Shampoo and Conditioner at pretty much the same time. Odd that more companies don’t do this when you think how sensible and….well, obvious, that is.

I was really impressed with how soft my hair was immedidately after washing out the conditioner. It felt like it had instantly reversed some of the holiday damage, and my brush went through it very easily. Considering I essentially embrace a Worzel Gummidge aesthetic for the majority of the year, this was quite a revelation.

I have been assured by the fella that my head smells amazing too, and he’s had to put up with a lot of ‘interesting’ aromas over years of beauty testing…. and just being around me….And trust me, he’s very honest when it comes to what he doesn’t like….

One major aspect of the brand I wanted to inform you all about is the fact that their products are Vegan. I have a huge amount of vegan friends now, many of whom are constantly on the look out for beauty products that allow them to completely embrace this way of life. Maria Nila’s philosophy is to produce the best products without compromising the hair’s health or the environment. Corporate Social Responsibility is extremely important to them and they endeavor to make a positive impact on society. They put a lot of effort into research ensuring that they find the healthiest ingredients for the scalp, animals and the environment. They do not test on animals and are 100%….. Awesome isn’t it?!

A few things you should be aware of though…. If you have highlights rather than an all-over colour, or have dark roots,  you won’t acheive an even colour. The lightest parts of your hair (or the hair that has bleach in it) will gain the most intense colour. Last time I dyed my hair blonde I put in some lighter strands at the front to frame my face, so these are the area that are now the most vivid pink. I personaly like this look, as it means you get all diferent hues of pink from magentas and hot pinks to to the peachy and rosey hues. If you wish to gain one punchy even colour the best way would be to start with light blonde or bleached do.

There are some areas of my hair that escaped coverage, so if you can get someone to check that you’ve put the product over every part of your head that may be advisable, or just get out of the shower and have a good look in the mirror and check the tricky areas at the bag have been included in the colour party.

Also, even though the colour didn’t stain my skin, it did stain my bathroom, leaving some pink splodges on the side of my bath. So make sure you are very careful, and if any colour drips on your floor, bath, toilet etc, make sure you wash it off as soon as possible. I think I just let it set in a bit too long.

My hair feels lovely and soft after using the products, so much so I can’t help putting my fingers through it. If I’m honest I actually just managed to put some hummus in it, woops.

My hair didn’t look obviously volumised, although there was a subtle bit of lift, but overall I was extremely pleased with how nourished by damaged hair now felt, and how beautiful it smelt.  I’m presuming if I continue to use the shampoo and conditioner this will continue to improve.

The colour I ended up with reminded me of Gwen Setfani circa Return to Saturn Era, so I think I’m going to embrace her whole beauty look while this hair shade remains. Not that I have the natural facial element condusive to achieveing this look, but I will give it a ruddy good go! 

Keep an eye on my YouTube Channel for Gwen Tutorial soon……

I love how a new colour can encourage you to change up your make up routine. Whenever I dye my hair a bright colour I feel less restrained when it comes to beauty and more inclined to try out loud and bold lipsticks and an exaggerated flushed cheek. 

The dark roots I spoke of earlier – I like dark roots as it enhances that careless, DIY, punk attitude more than a cleaner perfect dye look.

If you’re interested in trying the product I should let you know there are lots of options to choose from. If you are in a daring mood you could go for Azure, Bright Red or Vivid Violet. If you want to enhance you existing colour or give it a subtle tint, they have shades like Brown Hazel and Golden Blonde. I quite fancy trying the Sand next,  with the goal oft giving my sunshine blonde more of a classy champagne tinge.


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