Prior to our holiday, we had gotten some great tips from various friends regarding what we need to see while we are in Santorini, but more importantly where we need to eat. 

Our friend Jordan, had recently been on the island for 2 month recording/writing a new album, so hailed himself an expert, gladly offering a huge amount restuarnts and views we needed to experience during our week.

Senor Zorba was a destination that kept popping up, with Zara from Keep It Bright also urging me to pop by. I am not a huge fan of Greek food if I am honest with you, so I was relieved to be informed of a great Mexican establishment nearby. I tend to like a kick when it comes to food, so find that Greek food is a bit heavy in oil and vinegar but not punchy enough when it comes to spice.

We had been told that as well as offering great food and cocktails, that it offered one of the best views of the island, and that taking in the sunset while sipping on one of their lovely drinks would be a pretty delightful experience.

The way things worked out we ended up vsiting on the penultimate day at lunch time. The view was still spactacular and the restaurant wasn’t busy at all, I imagine come evening time it would be pretty rammed given the scenery and reputation for good food.

You can tell from my ridiculously smug expression that I was in a very happy place in this moment.

I can assure you that Simons face was a blissed out picture when he took his first swig of beer.

I have found some of the restaurant to be a bit limiting in terms of choice, all menus pretty much being indentikits for eachother, so it was nice, if a bit overwhelming, to have so many options to choose from. 

It all sounded so unbelievably awesome, we found ourselves struggling to decide. It was reasonably pricey so we couldn’t just go for the option  of ordering lots and lots of dishes and just being disgusting overindulgent pigs (sadly).

Then we stumbled upon a sharing dish which was about 25 Euros. It would have ribs, chicken wings, onion rings, quesadilla, guacamole, salsa, nachos….and pretty much everything mexican you could think of. 

We naively thought that perhaps we may need to order another dish after we finished the sharer….

How good does it look…? I still salivate when I look at this picture!

The food was delicious, and a nice break from the greek cuisine I’d had to get involved with, but it wasn’t perfect. I do like my nachos to be slightly warmed, so that they can almost bend a little bit, I understand this is a very personal preference too. I would also like my ribs to be a bit saucier, but I imagine that’s just because of what I’ve gotten used to at Giraffe, who serve up my fave rack of ribs.

I think it is slightly overpriced but I would still say it is a must do if you visit Santorini, for the views alone. Its somewhere you pass on route to many places on the island, like Perissa beach, so make sure you make a point of popping in on route even if its just to quenth your thirst in the intense Greek heat. 

We ventured to the high point of the resturant on our 100 cc Quad bike, which is very doable, but it does struggle a bit when oing up hill.

P.S Make sure you check your bill before you pay, we found an extra charge on there, which meant that we didn’t end up tipping.

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