Another tip from Jordan and Hannah was the beachside bar Tranquilo. Apprently they would come here most days for their smoothies and amazing vegan/vegetarian options, arriving on their convoy of qaud bikes. It is located on Perissa beach front, which ended up being our favourite beach on the island – it was never too busy, but had a good atmosphere, the sea was less steeped than some beaches, and it had the best array of eateries. Kamari came a close second though, and had a slighty cosier but more touristy feel to it.

Simon opted for the smoothy Jordon had loved during his stay, which was combo of banana, peanut, and coconut (if I remember correctly). I went for one which was mixture of mango and pineapple….man they were good.

One our final day we made sure to return to our new favourite haunt, to actually sample to food on this occasion. When you’re hot you tend to have less of an appetite so our goal was to get a light lunch….that didn’t quite pan out. 

We ordered a salad, feta rolls, a side of vegetable mash and hummas and pittas….quite restrained and summer friendly you might think….think again. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THEM!!

The portions are intimidatingly huge, but because they are so delicious you end up trying to clean your plates and bowls. So if you lack the ability to stop eating when full, this is not place for you!

The mash was creamy and hinted with spices and herbs, with bits of crunch courtesy of the veg. The hummas was so fresh it was still warm. I’m not really into salad, as a rule, and Feta is not my thang, but Simon assures me they were also spot on. 

Apart from the glorious decor with its vivid summery pallette and the hibby vibe, the best bit part of this place is their eco/ethical slant and their promise to use local produce. Shout out to Kylie if you are reading this, thanks for looking after us during our visits. Hope to see you again…..

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