It had been five years since my last trip to Newquay and Boardmasters Festival, so when the team at Relentless Energy Drink got in touch to ask if I’d like to go it was a no brainer. I have been unable to go to festivals over the last few months due to lack of funds for travel and accommodation, but the team very kindly covered this for me, enabling to have an unforgettable weekend by the sea with my good pal Grant. 

The last time I came to the festival (in 2010) was in a work capacity, filming an extreme sports/music show called Whatever It Takes. We filmed at events over the entire summer, but unfortunately due to issue with the production company we used it never got completed…..that’s a rant for another blog 


The site was far lovelier than I remember, and I instantly regretted not returning sooner. However, I think the 8 hour journey from my home in Surrey may have had something to do with it.

I had booked a hotel in town, so it was a small drive to get within reach of the Watergate site. If you don’t know much about the festival there are two sites, Fistral Beach where the surf and other sports competitions take place, as well as beach sessions, and Watergate Bay which is essentially the music festival part of the weekend. 

My friend Grant was staying at caravan a bit nearer to the site so would kindly pick me up each day so we could go from his accommodation to the site. I hadn’t realised quite the trek we had ahead of us. An attempt to create a shortcut through farmland lead to us being extremely lost and with legs heavy with lactic acid. I was pooped even before I’d got my wristband…it was a rather sad state of affairs, and another stark reminder  that I need to start working out!

Once we finally got on site we wanted to get our barings, so explored the festival and all it’s stages and incredible array of food stalls. I loved this wooden boom box which was positioned so that festival goers could stand in the window and have a glorious background, thus making for the perfect photo memento. What a great idea, and sure to be good for the festival’s social media reach!

Relentless had secured the dreamiest spot for their ‘The Point’ stage. Located on the edge of the cliff with a view of the beach and the waves it would be the ideal spot for those who love club music and a good ol boogie. Throughout the weekend they had DJ’s offering music capable of transporting the revellers to Ibiza. 

In terms of the fashion it was quite different to my most recent events…the likes of Download and Takedown. Due to the nature of festival and it’s sport content there was a far more beachy, casual vibe…and apart from a few who seemed to think they were quite literally going to a club in their local town (heels and all), it was more laid back. For once the emphasis was quite rightly on comfort, practicality and the music….and not the fashion show we see at many others. A refreshing change. In my stiff and increasingly tight jeans I was getting quite envious of the girls in their loose fitting print trousers. I visited this stall everyday and debated buying a pair…then I decided I’d rather use my money to sample another food stall. Priorities!!

I’ve spent some many years working at festivals and not actually enjoying the live music on offer because I’ve been stuck in the press tent, so this year I have definitely taken a different approach to my festival season – having fun and seeing friends as oppose to doing interviews. This change has meant I’ve actually started to enjoy them again. My only interview of the day was with Eddy and Dec of Lower Than Atlantis…because I’ve known them for 5 years or so now it wasn’t really that much of an in depth and informative interview, more like some pals catching up.

Once my work was done for the day, I wanted to sample my first stall, so I headed straight for this one. I am a huge slush fan, and in it’s absence I reckoned that a snow cone would be a decent alternative. I went for a cola one, but felt rather cheated when I saw a little kid spooning out of his rainbow coloured cone of ice. I had been too hasty with my flavour choice….dammit. 

I love people watching… and I know you love people watching. There is no better place for this free activity then at a festival. Whether it’s watching people doing ridiculous things in a drunken state, someone dancing with complete abandon to their favourite song, or a couple tucking in to each other in an over zealous way….a festival offers up an unrivalled assortment of people watching opportunities. I love this couple in their Wayne and Garth costumes….ZANG! 

Twin Wild kindly gave me a lift down to the festival as they were playing the first day on The Maverick Stage, so of course I was going to give them my biggest cheers of the weekend…not that they didn’t deserve it anyway! Despite it only being mid afternoon there were some very exuberant audience members, sans clothes, chanting and dancing vigorously. They have already supported YMA6, Young Guns, PVRIS and We Are The Ocean. They have some exciting news to be revealed soon….so keep your eyes peeled. 

My lovely friend Rochelle, looking beaut as always. 

This is Timia from The Lounge Kittens. I had followed the band for a while but it was only when interviewing the trio at The Kerrang! Awards that she told me we went to Primary School together. We didn’t just go to school, we were really good mates, so I felt awful that I hadn’t realised. But her name was different and she didn’t have green hair when we were five….that makes it ok right? Anyway, I’m super chuffed for her and all that’s she’s achieving…so ruddy cool! 

I asked her if I could take a snap of her because her eye make up is always so flawless. I think she said Ilamasqua is her go-to brand. Look at that blending!

If you follow my YouTube you’ll know that I don’t drink. However over the last few months I have treated myself to the odd drink if I fancy it, rather than being rigid about it. I will never be a regular drinker, as it doesn’t really suit my body and its ailments, but as long as it’s on my terms I will have the odd Mojito or Sherry (what a granny). 

I really wanted to give this guy a shout-out via my blog and Twitter because he was so brilliant, but alas Grant lost his business card. His magic was as good and slick as any who’ve made it to TV. Our brains actually ached trying to work out how he did it all. 

Everything Everything put on a great show on the MainStage. Such a unique band – such respect for a band gutsy enough to do their own thing. Did you see my video of their Relentless Energy Drink Press Conference a few weeks back?

Grant’s attempt at a group photo…..

Boardmasters is definitely one of those festivals which comes alive (even more) at night. Because it has a few stages that concentrate on clubbing/dance music there is a great buzz when the sun goes down. The sunset and setting makes it a pretty spectacular. Even though I don’t drink I felt joyous enough to get down with my bad self. I ended up dancing with complete strangers and having the best time. One of my favourite things about music is how it brings people together. 

Boardmasters stages vary greatly, some are huge, some are intimate…and some are cosy and quirky. The Keg and Pasty stage is within the faux pub structure you see above. While sitting in threadbare old armchairs and sofas you can enjoy acoustic sets….while enjoying a good ol’ Cornish classic .

If you haven’t heard of Lounge Kittens, if not, where have you been!? They do covers in their own harmonious way. Today’s set had everything from Venga Boys to Steel Panther. Some of their most famous covers are songs by the likes of Andrew WK, Limp Bizkit and Slipknot.

I’m so used to Lounge Kittens being around that no musical event would feel complete without them now. They bring such cheeky sassiness and humour to the stage it’s no wonder that Steel Panther wanted them on their tour. 

More from Boardmasters, coming soon….

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