For the first two nights I was staying in Trebarwith Hotel in Newquay town. I was floored by the incredible views that greeted me when the Twin Wild boys dropped me off. It was fairly affordable so I was surprised by the 5 star view from the front of the hotel. It also had private access to the beach pictured above. The hotel also had a pool and sauna which I had used the night of arrival. Having slept in the hotel, I realised perhaps why it was relatively affordable – the decor was dated and the walls paper thin. I did NOT sleep well, so I was feeling a tad grumpy when Grant came to pick me up. We thought a mooch on the sand may raise the spirits and prove to be a cracking start to day 2 of the festival. 

I had made Grant aware that if we was getting my plus one he may have to help out with taking blog pictures. It took him a while to get to grips with the camera bless him, but he felt more than happy to get in front of the lens….

I was quite pleased that I captured the flying seagull in this shot.

Saturday was actually sunny….yes, sunny in the UK!!! Good excuse to get these Wearwood Designs Sunnies out.

Surfers, hot but a tad immature.

 Time for our pretty but tiring trek to site. 

To ease into our day we took in some music from a comfy seat in the VIP bar. Aussie/Brit surf loving four piece Sunset Sons put on stellar acoustic performance, one which cemented them as one of my new faves.

 Straight after I sat down for the guys for a quick natter about their upcoming tour with Imagine Dragons and their time recording in Nashville.

 Of course, Grant wanted to get a picture in front of the branded board – well it’s good for instagram isn’t it!!

 Anyone else find this photo a tad creepy? No idea what’s going on here.

After that I had one more interview to do, this time wit Rhodes, who had literally just stepped off the main stage. He is getting a lot of love from Radio 1 so I wanted to find out how he’s dealing with everything that comes with being a musician in 2015. Nice to chat to a fellow film score buff too!

Fans posing for a picture with Rudimental

Some chums and I have had a full on workout at The Point stage. I didn’t know any of the modern tunes, but that didn’t hold me back in the dancing stakes.

The night ended with a live set by Rudimental, who are one those bands who shine in a live setting. Rather than standing behind laptops or decks they incorporate live musicians and singers, and it is a wonderful carnival like multi sensory experience. 

More from Boardmasters, coming soon. 

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