The picture above pretty showcases what Sunday had in store…a whole lotta grey. UK seaside resorts look absolutely stunning in the sunshine, rivalling any foreign landscape, but they are incredibly depressing when the weather is turns rainy and dingy. 

We knew today would be a bit of struggle, morale wise, but we’d try to pep ourselves up as best we could. 

We saw this cute little van on our route to site each day. Anyone know where I can get one? Plenty of room for my trusty tripod and snacks. 

This engaged couple were so sweet. The way they looked at each other….He is actually a surfer who won the Boardmasters competition last year, but his passion for music was clear. 

 When your energy levels are flagging, and you try desperately to raise a smile…by straddling an oversized chess piece.

Another attempt at nailing ‘THE’ Boardmasters shot of the weekend….ruined by some smug photo bombers!

One of the finest discoveries of the weekend – Mac n Cheese with JalapeƱos and Bacon bits….wowza it was good. 

Prides were the highlight of the day, if not the weekend. They raise the festival spirits in the same way The killers do, perhaps it’s down the euphoric nature of synths. They actually looked happy to be there too, which is surprisingly rare. I get so tired of seeing bands all sulky and sullen, as if they’d rather be anywhere else but there. They embraced their main stage position, and the crowd loved it! 

Looking like a gnome and a forest nymph…..actually I just look like I’m going to the loo. 

 You know, just chilling on a boat. 

So I’ve spoken about the glorious choice of food at Boardmasters…they even had a stall dedicated to my beloved Katsu!

On Sunday we got another opportunity to watch Sunset Sons, this time on the main stage. Arrested Development had to pull out of their slot so they got pushed up with the bill, and more than delivered in their new prime time position. If you like Kings of Leon and Dry The River, I recommend you check them out. 

 This guy simultaneously won best/worst dressed of the weekend. I think we can all agree that he wins at life though.

One of the stand out trends for the weekend was face decoration – face paint, temporary metallic tattoos and a whole lot of glitter. This guy took it to the next level….

So that’s what went down during my weekend in Newquay. 

Thanks Boardmasters (and Relentless), you were great! See you next year xx

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