I warned you that I’d just HAVE to feature In Your Dreams again, so here we are! The site sell all sorts of lovely bits and bobs that make your face, hair and body a bit more exciting and decorated. So if you are off to a festival, on holiday, or to a hippy wedding, then visiting their site is a must! 

Alongside the face jewels and bindi in the lovely care package, I ALSO got was some metallic temporary tattoos. You will know that I have featured these style of tattoos before, but what’s great about this particular set from In You Dreams is the diminutive size of some of them.

One of the main qualms of being who don’t want to use these tattoos is that they are a bit too big and garish. The joy of these is that some of tattoos in this pack are delicate and cute – ideal for hands, faces, fingers….or anywhere. They are just a bit more subtle than many you can buy. 

I am really enjoying the trend of having something sparkly near the eye. I truly believe the eyes are the window to the soul, so anything that enhances or draws attention to that area is a welcome addition to my festival look.

I decided to go for the little silver cross at it reminded me of Romeo and Juliet, which is one of my favourite films of all time. I loved everything about it, the soundtrack, the art direction, the costumes….such a glorious feast for the eyes and ears. 

I was suprised at how well it stayed on – it will definitely be able to withstand unfriendly festival weather conditions. But once you are ready to say goodbye to your metallic image it will scrub off with a bit of gentle rubbing with an exfoliating face scrub.

What do you think of this subtle take on the temporary tattoo trend?

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