Let’s face it,  my festival outfits these days hardly warrant a blog post about them. As I said in my previous outfit post, functionality is trumping style for me these days. That said, I think it’s probably healthy to put some low effort outfit posts out into the blogosphere, to prove that not all bloggers are consistently following the festival trends report point by point. Yes, on occasion I will want to wear glitter, feather, tassels, a wide brimmed hat…and even a bindi. However, on a rather grey day like today I just want to put my jeans and t-shirts on tie my hoodie round my waist in case it gets chilly.
Unimaginitive, fashion backwards….perhaps. My t-shirts rather cool though….

House of Holland T-Shirt

Topshop Jeans

Primark Boots

Primark Hoodie

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