There’s some things that instantly take you back to childhood – a wallpaper design, the smell of your favourite blanket, a theme tune to a kids TV show…. Whenever I stroke or see corduroy I think about all the little dungarees and bright coloured trousers I had as a toddler. Even as a ‘metaller’ teen I was sporting flared and brown corduroy trousers. 

I found an adorable brown cord dress in Zara this week, but knew that in my current financial position I couldn’t really justify a purchase, despite it’s beauty. I then went into Primark and came across a rail of cord dress at an extremely pleasing £10! I got one in red, and one in black for those days when I just want to blend in….which is most of the time at the moment. 

It is a sort of Cherry red, so less garish than a primary or post box red, and I thought it would be fabulous during the Autumn months when to tend to veer to towards colours that mirror the changing leaves. 

I am not overly happy with the length, because I am slightly stumpy in the leg department I could have done with the skirt being a couple of inches shorter. My mum think it’s fine, but then again during my school years she was as vigilant as the teachers at making sure my skirt resting exactly on the top of my knee…and not a mm shorter! 

I love the pockets. Any dress or skirt that has pockets is half way to stealing my heart. I guess because I am a bit of an awkward human, I appreciate being giving something to do with my hands….even if it’s just hiding them within fabric. 

Primark Dress

Topshop Crop

Primark Boots

Missguided Hat

Lunar Made Custom Choker

Mac Matte Lipstick in Chili

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