Dry shampoo is one of my holy grail beauty items. As someone who spends a lot of their summer at festivals and tends to want to do anything that avoids effort when at home, it is an extremely vital part of my grooming kit. I think when you have fairly long and thick hair, the process of washing and drying your hair can be extremely laborious. Anything that allows you to reduce the frequency becomes a much loved product. 

Dry shampoo is one of those products that finds itself in goodie bags, particularly during LFW, so I have tried a huge array of brands over the years. I always return to my beloved Batiste, with it’s selection of scents and sprays specific for the colour of your hair.

I was excited to receive a press release regarding some of their new products, but in particular the TEXTURE ME, TEXTURISING SPRAY, as that beachy aesthetic is far more suited to my lifestyle than highly polished looks. 

I wanted to take a before shot so you could see how my hair looks after washing and rough drying (and before spraying). 

You are told to spray on to dry hair from root to tip for an all over texture. Holding the can a few inches away from hair I sprayed all over, lifting up section to get to the hair underneath the top layer. 

After you feel you have a sufficient amount of spray in your hair start manipulating at the roots with your fingers. You will instantly see some lift and volume, with your hair becoming more matte and lived in – in that I’ve been travelling the work for six month kinda cool way!

When I’ve tried similar texturising sprays – ones that combine hair spray with dry shampoo – it does leave the hair feeling somewhat sticky. I was so pleasantly surprised that you hair feels pretty unscathed in the department with this particular product – there is a slight stiffness but it is barely noticeable when you jzzsh you hair. 

In the last few years or so I have stopped camping at festival (for health reasons, not because I’m a princess) so I am able to wash my hair, dry and style however I wish before heading on to site. But it just doesn’t feel right having perfectly smooth, shiny or perfectly curled hair, particularly on day three of the festival. You want to blend in with all those hardcore festival punters who have braved tents for the last few days and showcasing the effects via charmingly weathered hair do’s. This allows you to look like you’ve done a festival the proper way – while still being clean and showered! 

I am all about big hair – the frothier the better. This is a great way of giving you hair a major boost without feeling laden down with product. If you feel it becoming flatter during the day, massaging with your fingers will return it to its puffed up and textured glory. 

(I think it’s time I did my nails….)

If you want to increase the sex appeal add a bit more through the ends to give that ‘I’ve just had a naughty tumble in bed’ look. 

Having used the spray on hair that hadn’t been styled, let alone brushed, I would like to see how it transforms hair that has curled with GHD’s or Tongs. I imagine it will just give it a more laid back feel. I think hair that is too perfect can be ageing on teens and twenty somethings, so this may be a great way of keeping your curled look fresh and youthful. 

We should comment on the packaging too. So used to buying the cute travel sized version I had forgotten about the majestic nature of the full sized cans. The artwork reminds me of mermaids and under the sea, which fits in perfectly with the effect the product creates – and its a very good looking addition to my beauty shelf. 

RRP – £4.49

P.S If you are looking to create an up-do, prepping your hair with this will make it a whole lot easier. Not only will it add volume to the roots and your overall hair, because your hair is a bit more rigid it will be far easier to style. We are always told to create up-do’s with a day old hair, but this is a fab alternative. 

If you have thin hair this is also brilliant in adding thickness to make your buns and ponytails look a bit more impressive

Batiste have some other great new styling products that I can’t wait to check out….keep your eyes peeled for more reviews soon. 

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