What a week the guys in Bring Me The Horizon have had. I can only imagine how nerve-wracking it must be awaiting the response to something you put so much of your time, effort, heart. and soul in to. That’s without factoring the risk factor each new release has, and it’s affect on your legacy as a band. Thankfully for these guys, their bravery has paid off, and in a big way – reaching the top spot in a long list of countries.  If you don’t understand what I mean when I say bravery, I should point out that although there has been a progression in this direction from album to album, this album signifies a large leap into a new realm for the band. Although riffs are plenty, as are dark and grimy undertones and moody atmospheres, moments of ferocity, and wonderful Malia guitar solos, there is a noticeable increase in soft and sometimes sentimental vocals, melodic and poppy tendencies and groovy bass-lines. There is even a Balearic style Sax solo on the final track…which I personally love. Before I head in further, and start to dissect this career changing album further I’ll get to the point of the post.

Friday night saw the boys put on a free gig at House a Vans. You could feel a sense of pride in the room, industry people and fans thrilled to see a UK band achieving so much, not just here, but globally, with a sound that many deemed a dangerous departure. Anyone who had had reservations about the band’s new material made a quick turn around when hearing the likes of Throne live in tonight’s setting of underground arches.

A fab night, in a room filled with some of my favourite people. I’m rather excited about the future of UK music….how about you?

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