Inspiration to take Flyte?

Putting the fun back in indie pop, Flyte have
stormed their way up the ranks to become bonafide blog-favourites over
the last 18 months, a band on the brink of worldwide success. 

upping their game with each new release, their latest Diamond White EP
was a testament to the Bethnal Green group’s ability to craft witty yet
affecting, perfectly formed pop songs, a trait which makes them perfect
candidates for #PluggedIn60.

on traditional indie foundations to find the perfect balance between
emotional outpour and optimism, the quartet’s new single ‘Please Eloise’
is an ideal end of summer anthem, and a track that arguably best
incorporates the influence of the 1960’s on the band’s original sound. 

For the next instalment of Original Penguin‘s
#PluggedIn60 series, Flyte discussed how this gamechanging decade
inspired them, and showed why they embody the Original Penguin spirit.

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