So today completes my trio of trips to new shopping destinations. Over the last three posts I have travelled around in pursuit of beauty bounty. Prior to today I had only visited Croydon when daring to tackle an IKEA based homeware haul. 

Today I took my partner along for company, hoping he could take pictures of me rather than me having to ask random strangers like usual. He wasn’t very good at hiding his displeasure at joining me on a beauty-based shopping trip, so I had to make sure it went as smoothly as possible. I used the Centrale PLUS app [] to check the opening times and to get to grips with the layout of the malls. I couldn’t imagine him abiding much faffing during the day – so I wanted to minimise the amount of times I lost my bearings. I also wanted to see if there were any offers going at any of the eateries that might help to keep him sweet!

While I was looking for food-themed offers I stumbled upon some great treats for me with MAC, Benefit and Lancôme offering some nice little freebies.

Continuing with the theme of my previous two blog posts, I will show you how to gather the vital ingredients to create a make-up bag fully kitted out for the new season. 

Since losing my MAC lipstick virginity recently at The Oracle last week, I thought I’d go for a clean sweep and buy my third matte red number at Centrale. I used to be of the mindset that you only need one red lipstick in your make-up armoury to get you by. However, since being given the opportunity to explore the matte red trend I don’t even recognise that foolish girl anymore. Just a few notches up or down the colour spectrum can transform the overall success and style of your beauty look…and I aim to cover all the bases with my lipstick purchases. So you may have seen in my previous beauty trend posts I purchased one of MAC’s most popular classic reds ‘Ruby Woo’, and then went on to buy one that had a distinct orange tinge, named ‘So Chaud’. Today I was looking for a colour that was also on the orange/red scale, but deeper, slightly mature you might say. I figured it would be great for those days where I feel a little less showy and ideal for all those autumnal outfits I hope to purchase soon. 

I know I keep banging on about it but please do your make-up justice and look after the raw product – your face, and all its elements. I bought this Intensive Moisturiser by Blistex as my lips are particularly problematic, and I’ve found they only seem to improve if I use products that are described as words – intensive, strong or deep…you get the picture. I don’t have much lippage (sic) as it goes….I’m no Angelina, more a withered witch in fact, but I’m still going to take care of what I’ve got! 



The trend for using clear gloss on various parts of the face (adding to lids, eyebrows, lips and cheeks) has taken some coming round to on my part. I am someone that tends to fiddle and touch my face a lot – yes I know that’s bad for someone with sensitive acne-prone skin – and didn’t like the thought of my fingers having to deal with facial stickiness. A lot of glosses are rather gluey in texture and I didn’t like the thought of that texture swiped over my eyelids and cheeks – even if it did give me that youthful dewy look. From experimenting with my recent clear gloss purchases, I’ve resolved that finding the right one for this multi-purpose job is worth shopping around for. Finding one with a suitable applicator is easier said than done too. Of course you can just use your finger to apply the gloss to your lids and cheekbones, but I like the accuracy that My Bourjois one gives…it makes it a far less messy process and allows you to pin point exactly where you’d like that light to hit. 


I struggled to find many options to tackle the embellished/decorated hair trend today until stumbling on a very handy price-reduced plinth within Debenhams. I had already spotted some beautiful bejewelled tiaras and slides within the store, but they were out of my financial reach – between the £30 and £70 mark. Knowing my tremendous knack for losing and breaking things, purchases of that magnitude are simply nonsensical. I explained my quandry to a member of staff who pointed me in the direction of some pieces that were priced at 70% off. 


If people repeatedly tell me I have to try, buy, or do something, I can’t help but want to do the exact opposite. I don’t know whether it’s because I like the idea of discovering my own gems, because I hate being told what to do, or maybe because I have an innate need to be different. All the beauty bloggers I subscribe to on YouTube have been going on and on about the Urban Decay NAKED Palettes for the last few years, with each new edition becoming one of their must-have items. I nodded along agreeing that they looked lovely, but at just under £40 I couldn’t justify a purchase, particularly as I have had a rather strained relationship with eyeshadows. I have one of those faces that can’t carry too much make-up, and the addition of eyeshadow has often been the sad demise of a beauty look. It ages me or tends to have the appearance of a child that’s been let loose in her mum’s make-up bag with a heavy and haphazard hand. That said, I have been assured by many that the NAKED 2 Palette offers some beautifully soft and subtle shades that would benefit any face. Rather than purchasing a one-off eyeshadow colour to achieve the copper trend I thought I’d treat myself, rationalising it as an investment. 


I’ve already fallen for Half Baked, Chopper, Suspect and YDK, which not only tick the trend box, but work wonderfully together to create graduated metallic eyes which are flattering for all. 

After such a naughty splurge I turned to Collection for a bronzer that would enhance my sun-kissed eyelids. I have a hate/hate relationship with bronzers that feature glittery or sparkly particles. As someone who has suffered with acne, I don’t enjoy how the sparkles cling to and enhance blemishes and bumps. The tone of this bronzer is warm without being too orange, but be careful when applying – make sure you blow that brush first!


In my previous posts you will have seen me use green eyeliners, but maintaining my rather traditional application. Rather than using this particular product to create a simple line or flick again, I wanted to try some of the bolder catwalk looks. When you are so used to attempting to create a perfectly accurate line, it is a major adjustment to create some of the more random, less polished eyeliner designs seen on the A/W catwalks. 

Here I have used it to cover the entire lid and creep up a little bit towards the brows, and try not to be too precious with it. This is not a look for those who like order, straight lines and neatness. After my attempt at this intentionally messy look, I think I’ll just leave it to the models….


If you know that a coloured liner will eventually find itself unloved and lost in your make-up drawer, then you may want to spend your well-earned beauty budget on another trusty black liner….ideally one with a versatility that will allow you to rock different looks. 


All types of liners have their strength – gels give dense colour and have great staying power, liquid liners are great for accurate slim lines and flicks, and kohls are great for the waterline and creating a sexy smudge. It feels like Benefit have tried to smoosh (sic) the positives of all of the aforementioned into one neat product. One of the lovely Benefit ladies showed me the unique slanted nib of the product and how twisting the end makes the gel-like formula come out of it. She informed me that it was designed specifically to be helpful in creating a cat eye. The first time I attempted to use the product I twisted the end so much that the liner broke off. Without boring you with the other fails I had, I am pleased to tell you that after a few minutes of trial and error I finally got to grips with this new way of lining and I am now completely won over. I went on to use it to create the double cat eye that was seen on the catwalk.

The bonus about buying this product today is that it came with their lauded ‘They’re Real’ Mascara, which is in my top 2 mascaras of all time, and an eye make-up remover. Oh, I do love a bargain! 

Over the last few posts I’ve wanted to tell you where to buy the products you need to recreate some of the stand out A/W beauty trends. Please do tweet me your links so I can see how you get on creating your own interpretations.  

So, I’m still not willing to say goodbye to summer just yet, but I am feeling a little bit better about facing the chillier months knowing I have some fab new looks to showcase.

If you are visiting soon, make sure you download the Centrale PLUS app [] from the app store prior to your visit, and register to make the most of their offers and other helpful functions. 

P.S Offers currently available…

£5 off at The Fragrance Shop. Take £5 off when you spend £30 or more at The Fragrance Shop Centrale.

Free makeover at The Body Shop. Pop into the Body shop and redeem your complimentary makeover.

Complimentary make-up at Lancome. Receive a complimentary travel size Bifacil eye make-up remover and travel size Black Khol Eye Pencil with the purchase of any mascara at Lancome, House of Fraser.

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