I’ve gotta be honest with you. I am dead to the world at the moment. A few pictures down you will see proof of this. A close up shot of my tired mug showcases wonderfully the effects of CFS and overdoing oneself. I don’t have one set of bulging dark bags, but two on under each eye. Perhaps I am a miracle marvel, and the first in the world to achieve this fetching double baggage, but I can’t say it is something I’m overly proud of. My Dads 70th, my parents anniversary, Si being home from tour and LFW have all fallen on this weekend, but I also had a wedding to go to…and nothing to wear! 


Midweek I was in Reading on a paid blog job so took a ten minutes out to do the fastest shopping sess possible. I picked one shop, the one with the highest probability of success, and set myself to task of getting a nice new wedding worthy dress…or at the very least, an adequate one that would fit my slightly more curvaceous shape. 

I found a lovely, and very current looking 3/4 length culotte style playsuit/jumpsuit, which I considered, then I remembered how much I was likely to need to pee at the wedding, and swiftly changed tack. 

Next up I tried a couple of body-con dresses. One in an orange without cut-outs, and this green number here. I like the orange, until I remembered that my dear mother tells me I look ill when I wear the colour, so aborted that one pretty sharpish too. 

This was the only option left, and I’ve got to say I had some reservations. This bright green is not a colour I’ve worn or been drawn to. I feel much more au faix to shades veering closer to the khaki end of the scale. As someone will child bearing hips I wondered if it’s body con nature would draw a bit too much attention to my widest part. I was also worried that the cut outs were a bit tarty, and not appropriate for a wedding. I’m a bit of a prude when it comes to my own dressing, and don’t often show a lot of flesh. 

But, like in all areas of your life, it does you good to step out of your comfort zone and I thought…sod it, go for green. 

I’m not going to get all sentimental on here about someone you guys don’t know, but I will say this. It does you the world of good to reconnect and spend time with those friends that have known you most of your life. The ones who have seen you at your best, your worst, your most heartbroken and most jubilant. Unfortunately I generally only see this people at weddings, or devastatingly sad events. Last night reminded me how good it is for the soul, to be able to dance with complete abandon (and perhaps look like a complete twat doing so) with those that won’t judge you…in fact they’ll be encouraging you to give it more welly. We (the boys and girls) danced to Whigfield’s Saturday Night, The Macarena, and our sixth form Garage faves, and it was fabulous.

So proud to see my good, and very ‘unique’ friend Simon married and particularly chuffed it’s to the beautiful and extremely patient Helen. 

Dreamy day. 




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