They had always said that one should stay away from horizontal stripes because of their ability to create an illusion of a wider body. They’ve since discovered that it’s a load of tosh and it can actually have the opposite affect. The thing one should be aware of is the size of stripe – (also don’t wear slim stripes on TV – it causes havoc). I have found that, because of the shape of this dress, it actually made my waist look more teeny. I should point out that I had just wolfed down a sizeable MacDonalds prior to snapping this outfit, and I don’t think the dress is actually showcasing my food baby all too much! 

I feel like this dress could have been made with me in mind. It feels both tomboy and girly, tapping into both sides of my personality. The polo style top reminds me of an urban preppy look – think Amy Winehouse or Lol in This is England. However the colour way and stripes remind me of a cute girl from the 60’s or 70’s with killer bangs, round sunglasses and platforms. 

The t-shirt material makes it the perfect day dress, great in summer with converse, sliders and bare legs, or with chunky boots and opaque tights in winter. 

It’s pretty cool how the zip affects the overall look too. Zip to the top and it’s boyish and clean, pull it down and it teases in a flirty girly way. 

Motel Rocks

Bourne T Shirt Dress is Black Rainbow Stripe



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