My man is finally back in the country for a reasonable amount of time, so we’ve decided to take September as I month where we spend some quality time together and have adventures in our capital. 

Over the last few years I have had a hate hate relationship with London, because I associate it with work stress and a ghastly commute. I hoped that creating memories with my best pal might help to mend my strained relationship with the city. 

After our visit to Lady Dinah’s Cat emporium (post coming soon) we decided to mooch around Shoreditch, which inevitably lead to popping in to a few/many vintage shops. Luckily I didn’t feel like the only one lacking in will power when it came to retro shopping – it would appear Simon also has a problem when it comes to resisting a purchasing a vintage treasure. My find of the day was this coat from Beyond Retro, which is probably my favourite of all the vintage shops in the area, mainly due to it’s vast collection. As soon as I stepped in the door my eyes met it’s scruffy fur collar, and I darted straight over to the rail. As soon as I put it on I knew it was going to be mine. It was a perfect fit, had a fabulously cosy hood and tapped into my current style crush…Penny Lane of Almost Famous. It was one of those fated shopping moments…and you just can’t ignore those!

The last few years I’ve made the mistake of buying winter coats that look great, but don’t quite deliver on practicality. My poor jug ears struggle in the winter. When that chill sets in and the wind blows they become extremely painful. This year I decided a hood was the must have feature of the next coat I buy. Let’s face it this has the hood of all hoods!

What do you look for in your winter coat? What A/W trend are you going to tap into? 






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