Voidokilia Bay, Costa Navarino : Photo Gallery

‘When and where were you happiest? Swimming in Voidokilia Bay in the southern Peloponnese, says Ralph Fiennes in a Vanity Fair Interview. It is well worth tearing yourself away from the extreme convenience of the Naravino Dunes for at least one beach day to see this white beach shaped like a Greek O. We had be alerted to it’s elite status, and it’s prestigious label of being one of the top 20 most beautiful beaches. Unfortunately the sky was overcast when we arrived, so although still beautiful, the colours didn’t quite pop like the brochure pictures we’d viewed. A few minutes before departing the sun popped out and the scene was transformed. The water turned azure, aqua marine, turquoise and electric blue, and it swiftly became somewhere I never wanted to leave. Be warned, this beach is completely unspoilt and unaffected by tourism, there are absolutely no facilities (cafes/toilets/showers/shops) aside from a makeshift area to park up, so make sure you bring anything you may need for a day at he beach. You’d think that word of mouth would mean that the beach would be heaving with paradise seekers, but during our September visit if felt exceedingly private and exclusive.

One of those places you want to experience with the one you love. Si, you are coming with me next time! 

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