I know, it’s an extremely obvious and unimaginitive costume idea, but this is still more effort that I’d like to put in. It’s very rare I get an opportunity/time to look nice, so I sort of resent having to use one of my social evenings to try and look a ghastly. To spend money on the process of making myself look more rank is also not a particularly winning concept. 

I should like Halloween, as I enjoy things on edgy side of life, and have no problem with gore….but, I dunno, it’s just all too much faff! I think the fact that I don’t scare easy also makes it less fun than it should be. I’m yet to find a film that truly rattles or disturbs me, so anything that’s created to haunt, shock or make me jump, I approach with scepticism. If anyone can reccommend a film they think could break me, please do!

I’m consitently tired, lacking in funds and time, but in October I feel particularly stretched. There’s my birthday, as well as my brothers and many of my best friends, so Halloween always rears it’s freaky head at what feels like the most inconvenient time. 

Howverer this year, I got invited to a party at YouTube HQ. I am trying really hard to build my channel, so I thought I best go, and make more effort than normal with my costume. I know many of you looking at this outfit will think it fairly lazy, but for context I’ll tell you that the last time I dressed up I went as George Clooney, wearing a paper mask with jeans and a jumper. 

So continue reading for the for the ingredients of my spellbound look….

Everly Ankle Boots In Black Velvet 



If you aren’t already aware of the footwear brand Public Desire, you are going to want to give me a bit old smooch after this intro. They have such an impressive array of trend lead shoes, at reidiculously affordable prices. Their strappy heels show themselves on a daily basis on my instagram feed, but it is their selection of ankle and knee length boots that really do it for me. My wishlist is increasing as I type. I thought these velevt pointed toe boots were perfect to complete my witchy look, with the bonus of being extremely comfy. Sadly I would be walking to and from my party, and not flying on the broomstick like those proper witches…. 

 ASOS Glitter Star Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress


I discovered this dress thanks to Instagram, when one of my fave style bloggers, ASOS Megan, wore it in on of her outfit posts. I shouldn’t really be spending money on clothes, but I instantly fell for the vintage shape of this maxi dress, but also loved the Kate Moss-esque star print. It’s that perfect combo of vintage and rock n roll. I thought that if I bought it for the intention of using it for Halloween it was a justified purchase….Who am I kidding?

Witches Broom from Party Superstores

A found this ring by chance in Accessorize when on a blogging job in Brent Cross. I bought it for Halloween purposes, but I kinda love it. Reckon I’m going to wear it Halloween or not…..

Accessorize Witch Hair Band

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